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Saturday, July 27, 2013

My experience dining at Gordon Ramsay's!

Last night I dined at 'Gordon Ramsay at the London' in NYC! 

Overall it was a great experience. My favorite part of the experience was meeting the Head Chef!
Here is a photo of Markus Glocker and I! 

Markus told me that they do source as fresh ingredients as possible including shopping at the Union Square Market! Their focus is not particularly organic or to provide nutritious meals, but they do use the freshest, local and seasonal ingredients possible! They did provide us with sea salt, rather than table salt which is a great upgrade for any restaurant! They also use Olive Oil and Sunflower oil instead of Vegetable Oil and GMO Canola oil! Phew! Well when you are spending a lot of money to dine, one might expect highest quality ingredients.

Long Island duck, this photo is from City Eats
I chose the Long Island Duck for my main course, I realized it was local to New York and it was very tasty. I would go back to this restaurant again, but not particularly for the food the duck an exception, I would go back for the service, atmosphere and the chef! There is a chefs table that is situated inside the kitchen so you can watch the kitchen in action! It is a very lively atmosphere!

With our waiter and Head Chef, experiencing the kitchen!
The service was incredible. The appearance of the restaurant was upper class and slightly militant. Some famous newscasters were also dining there. The 3 course meal was $135 and the 5 course $185. Bottles of wine start at $60. A bottle of spring water is $40.

We spent 4 hours there and savored every bite! I am aware that some children are starving in other countries, and what we spent on our dinner we could have fed a hundred children perhaps - but I will always feed them as well as feeding myself. I balance it out, by making my own food as much as possible, and then dining at some of the best organic restaurants and cafe. Life is a balance after all?

I figure that a restaurant and cafe is either poisoning people or providing them a meal of nourishment. This restaurant provides more nourishment than poison.

After dessert one of the waiters came around offering us chocolates, I noticed a dark chocolate square with blue swirls and asked "What is that one" .... he replied with "That is the paint"... HAHA we laughed, obviously he didn't mean to say that, it is not paint, but the chocolate was coated so nicely that it looked shiny and like it had been painted. I am no longer a fan of chocolate that is highly processed and use cheap ingredients like refined cocoa, sugar and milk products. The chocolate I eat is all organic and mostly raw. The best chocolate I have ever eaten, it terms of taste PLUS using the highest quality organic ingredients is Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates.

I do think, if this Gordon Ramsay restaurant used ONLY high quality organic and natural ingredients how much better it could be, it would not only be a great upper class experience, but also a healthy one, and we could leave feeling energized and nourished with nutrition instead of slightly depleted of energy, due to our body having to digest some processed ingredients and chemicals. It is interesting these days with so many children who are born allergic to this and that, and now many adults who are developing allergies, that soon perhaps majority of the places we eat will be using the cleanest ingredients possible to keep people well!

My inspiration for going to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant? My sister is visiting from Australia and Nadine has watched many of his television episodes - and loves him! She told me that he was into fresh produce and did not particularly like frozen foods or toxic ingredients! I thought GREAT! The London NYC Gordon Ramsay  restaurant is a 5 star restaurant and 2 star Michelin so we dressed for the occasion.  We had our hair done at the New York Hair Co who only use vegan and animal cruelty free products! The world is getting healthier one meal at a time, and one choice at a time!

Nadine also wrote about our dining experience, you can read it here in her blog:

Here is the website for the restaurant: 
If you do eat here, mention that you read my blog the Earth Diet, and perhaps they will show you the healthiest most earth friendly meals they have available! 
Thank you Gordon Ramsay! 

Happy eating and enjoying everyone!

Love Liana

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