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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd

What I ate today:

Morning: Water

Drink: Green tea

Snack: Phresh Greens

Lunch:  Lima Bean Soup – Ingredients:  Lima beans, brown rice pasta, water, kale, garlic, thyme, sage, cayenne pepper and Real Salt.

Dinner: Some more yummy Lima bean soup!

Dessert: Chocolate Mini Bar

Nutrients I got today: Protein & magnesium.  Phresh Greens drink is very alkalizing to my body.

Exercise: 45 minutes of yoga

Affirmation: My schedule just works! Everything about it works! It’s brilliant and I feel relaxed and joyous and so healthy I feel really good. I feel so good. I am soo grateful!

Grateful for: 
Vibrational alignment on a cellular level!

Love Liana!

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