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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My dining experience at a concert with Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant!

Turns out there are becoming more and more healthy alternatives! Everywhere!!! Even at a Rock concert...

We decided to go see Robert Plant the singer of Led Zeppelin, with the Sensational Space Shifters! 

Photo by Bric Arts Media -

I prepared with wearing my watermelon bag and packing a chocolate mini bar made by Noah! 
Chocolate gives me great energy, especially if I am dancing at a concert!  

You decide if it is the best chocolate in the world! 

We walked through Prospect Park to get to the concert. The scenery was divine, and it reminded me of Central Park! We walked via the Brooklyn Library which was stunning and will stock the Earth Diet book at the end of 2014 or early 2015!

Photo from
Brooklyn Public Library
When we got there, we found a nice spot to sit on top of the hill. Some people had their shoes off and were really connecting with the earth and music! My sister was hungry so she went to get food while I enjoyed the band starting. I assumed the food would be typical concert fried and processed food. I was pleasantly surprised when Nadine came back with a bowl full of broccoli sprinkled with chilli spice and a bowl full of beans with goat cheese (I am personally not a fan of goat cheese so did not eat this, and french fries - which can be natural if not cooked in GMO oil and made with GMO potatoes! They also offered a bowl of rice and vegetables, fruit salad and kale salad! How great to have these options at a rock concert! Unfortunately the ketchup was the generic conventional kind with corn syrup - yuk - and I prefer not to eat that even though I do love tomato sauce with fries. I am looking forward to the day when no companies use corn syrup ;) The fries were also cooked in Canola Oil which is a bummer since it is genetically modified and totally toxic for the body - it takes A LOT of energy from the body to digest fries cooked in cheap vegetable oil. But I understand the reason for cooking fries in cheaper oil - so the price can be cheaper and so people will buy it. If the fries were cooked in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - or 2nd best Extra Virgin Olive Oil the price may be double. 

Our concert dinner! Much healthier than expected!
There was also another food stand that offered Gluten Free and Vegan options like potato chips and ice pops! I got excited about the ice pops, until they told me they are made with white sugar! No thanks! As if orange juice is not sweet enough, why add sugar? Junk food really is just not cool anymore. 

There was also a tent of Runa samples! Runa is a newish brand on the market - a cleaner source of energy tea! They do use natural ingredients, and some are unsweetened and some are sweetened with cane sugar. It would be cleaner without the cane sugar... cane sugar juice would be more in it's natural state. But these Runa drinks are certainly much better for our bodies than soda and energy drinks loaded with chemicals! Runa also have 'natural flavors' on the bottle which I am slightly suss about until I know exactly what natural flavors are used. I do not use any natural flavors in the food I make for myself. It is good to know what we are consuming!
Aside from the food, the atmosphere was awesome and the music was phenomenal! 
Everyone was having a great time! 

Love Liana, 

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