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Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26th

What I ate today:

Morning: Water

Breakfast:  One Chocolate Mini Bar and a royal red juice from Organic Avenue and here is my recipe if you aren't in NY and want to make one just like it.

Morning Snack: Lemon shot and Aloe Vera shot from Organic Avenue and 2 dried apricots dipped in hummus! Yumm!

Lunch:  Brown rice wrap with organic turkey bacon and one egg!

Afternoon Snack: Cheesecake pop and organic red wine at Pure Food and Wine

Dinner: Long Island duck at Gordon Ramsay’s!!!! And a truffle mushrooms from Australia!

Nutrients I got today: Magnesium, protein, potassium and iron as well as antioxidants!

Exercise: Walking in the city J  

Affirmation: My plan and my dream is to live happily ever after!!

Grateful for: The amount of nourishment I received today!

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