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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am happy with my body and shape!

With 362 days to the launch of the new Earth Diet book published by Hay House, here is what I did:

I was sent this photo of me taken at the I Can Do It Event,  taken by my friend Roxxe who is a photographer in NYC #icdiny13 this past weekend. I am happy with my body shape :) !!!

Roxxe took this photo after Wayne Dyer spoke, he is so loving, peaceful and so empowering. He had a positive impact on a lot of people at the event. So did the rest of the speakers. They all contribute so much goodness to the world. I noticed among most of their speeches they talked about GMO's and the quality of the food, and spoke about the inportance of natural and organic food. I believe a natural lifestyle resonates with everyone at the core, we all know to connect with earth and live a clean lifestyle. It's clear we are heading in a good direction.

Met with my publicist Richelle, and Ashley at Peacefood Cafe, the new location that opened downtown NYC. It was a stunning setting. I had a beet juice with pineapple... Delicious!!! If you are afraid you won't like beet, try adding apple or pineapple to make it sweet and delicious. And here is a recipe for a vegetable beet juice:

Walked around the city, it is Halloween today so people are dressed up and it's so fun! The weather is beautiful my coat can stay open!

Had divine cashew ice cream, chocolate and also mint chip at Organic Avenue! Sat outside and ate both flavors and enjoyed kids walk past acknowledging this was an organic store and probably won't have candy!!! They are right haha! But they do have raw chocolate!

Speaking of raw chocolate today I had two chocolate peanut butter cups for breakfast!!! It felt great to start the day on delicious protein and I felt really happy... Must be the cacao! ;) and the combination of peanut butter! I love these so much that I have them made for me by a great chocolatier! They are available on my website anytime! And more and more stores. Request them from your local juice bar or organic store if you want them in the area!

I was craving lollies/candy the past two days, maybe its the Halloween spirit! I was craving gummi bears and weird brightly colored candies! I wondered if I would eat some but then I figured I don't feel like digesting that stuff so I ate plenty of raw chocolate and raspberry cashew cheesecake I made to satisfy those cravings! And I got through it! Now I don't have the craving. And looking forward to my green drink tomorrow!

I brought some chocolate to lunch with me for Richelle and Ashley and the NYC Hay House office. I also brought some phresh greens with me to share! If I'm meeting you and I'm excited I'm most likely bringing you some food, something delicious or something super healthy for energy!!! I love it :)

Today I also gave some bentonite clay to the beautiful woman who washes my hair at the hair salon whichhhhh by the way vegans will love this... the New York Hair CO uses vegan products only... And organic as much as possible they are transitioning to everything organic and natural. As we all know its a process! They use animal cruelty free shampoos and even have organic dyes. Dogs are allowed! They have vegan dog treats for your lover! It's a fun environment. I brought my hairdresser a carrot shot, since its Halloween!

Next week I go on the radio to talk about ... Let's seeeee food and recipes!!! Excited! More details to come, I'm sure on Facebook!

I love how candy is being redefined to fruit smoothies being dried and rolled into a thick candy square fold or a ball of sweetness. Brilliant... Absolutely brilliant. Healthy AND delicious. Best combination ever!

Going to Movers and Shakers event this weekend. Excited.

Tonight I affirm I will have a nourishing peaceful sleep. I hope. Haha! ;))) !!!

Love Liana.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Affirmation, chocolate and clay.

Today I got that relaxation is just as important as work. I am creating a great balance of work, play and relaxation in my life. 

Today I ate a lot of raw chocolate which made me very happy! Including the Earth Diet Chocolate Almond Butter Cups and Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates. I also had a bentonite clay drink and diatomaceous earth drink. 

Love this quote by Louise L. Hay: 'I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.',

363 days to the new Earth Diet book being launched in 2014 by Hay House

Love Liana

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My two most popular health tips.

364 days to book launch! I started the morning by having a beautiful nourishing sleep in! I appreciated it, and something I learned from Louise Hay is to say thank you to the bed for a wonderful nights sleep!

At noon I met with Steph Hendel who is a health coach and from the Raw Sistahs

We walked through Central Park, we actually walked from one end to the other! It was a gorgeous day with blue sky and the sun shining so bright! Ending at Columbus Circle Wholefoods and had a beet juice. It was so fun and refreshing to spend time with someone the same age as me on the same mission to share health with the world! Steph was beaming with energy and vibrancy! We talked about being young entrepreneurs, about our story to how we got here, and things we may face in the future :) We were also present to the beautiful nature in Central Park! She filmed me for her Vlog and asked my two most popular health tips which are:

1. What is the quickest and healthiest AND affordable health tip people can incorporate into their lives daily? 
LEMON WATER! A great refreshing drink that is alkalizing, high in vitamin C, immune boosting and raw. I find that when people start the day with lemon water they choose healthier options throughout the day. It also helps with digestion, and if you find yourself eating any junk food, drink lemon water after and it will help to move the toxins out of your system, it also declares to your body that you are committed to a healthy well nourished body!

2. Recipe I'd like to share? 
YES of course! One of the most popular recipes are 3-INGREDIENT CHOCOLATE! 
1. Cacao powder
2. A base - ground up almonds (almond meal), or any other nut. Or for nut allergies use sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds! 
3. A sweetener - either dates, honey or maple syrup! 
Action: MIX IT ALL UP! Then you can roll it into balls, or squares for brownies, or use it as a pie base! You can also add things like salt, vanilla, peanut butter for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls! 

Here is the video of our adventure! 

Today in preparation to my new book being published by Hay House in 364 days, I defined what I want to feel like and look like the day of the launch. I really want to find a healthy balance between work, play and relaxation. I find myself working a lot more than anything else, and feeling guilty if I am relaxing. I am on a mission so I constantly find myself working. My idea of health is a balance. 

This weather in NYC is cold, and makes me want to snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea and cookie and watch movies. I notice my body is not as productive in colder weather, so I am drinking lots of tea, and eating soups to keep my body warm and energized! 

Yesterday on the first day of the countdown I craved a hamburger and fries. I didn't have it, instead I went to Pure Food and Wine and had divine raw foods with friends! Today I was craving gummi bears, I didn't have it. Instead I had beet juice. I know tomorrow I am making Earth Diet Chicken Nuggets so I am using today as a cleanse day, and I've had a bentonite clay drink, diatomaceous drink, green tea, beet juice and phresh greens. Getting my nutrition from liquids. I love cleanse days. 

The day of the book launch I want to feel really fulfilled that I have done everything I could to get the message out about health and help as many people as possible with my recipes! Before I started the Earth Diet I wished I could be free of binge eating on junk foods, now I dream of being free of fear and negativity that holds me back at times. I find myself thinking, if only I could never have another negative feeling or thought ever again! I would have so much more energy and be so productive! But I realize life happens, so I will do my best to live day by day! 

Starting this countdown has really made me value every day, I have 364 days to go and I wonder how each one will unfold, and I wonder what each day will be! Of course I have a schedule but life always has unexpected meetings and experiences awaiting! 

Join me in the health movement! Share recipes to your friends and family! There are hundreds for free on my website 

And of course when the book comes out next October it will make a great holiday gift and new years gift! For this year, the original Earth Diet book that I produced last year is still available and will not be available as of February 2014, so if you want a limited edition book signed by me go to this link to order:

I believe the people and the earth are getting healthier. Do you?

Lots of love! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

The beginning of the book launch! 365 day COUNTDOWN!

Hi everyone!

Wow what a full on day!

I made a big public announcement today for the first time on LIVE RADIO! Go to for the archives!

I have officially started the countdown 365 days to the launch of my new book The Earth Diet published by Hay House! The book is set to be published October 28th 2014.

I spent today recording for radio majority of the day, and then out to dinner with friends and co-workers and health advocates at Pure Food and Wine the greatest healthy restaurant in Manhattan!

If you are not a subscriber to The Earth Diet (you can subscribe here), this is the email that was sent out about my announcement:
Hi everyone!!! In case you missed me live on the radio today, I announced my big news for the first time to the public! 
If you want to listen to the radio show here is the archive.
So here is my big announcement!!!
I have been holding this in since April. Why? For many reasons that I will share with you one day. Firstly i want you all to know what you can count on me for. You can always count on me for being authentic, open, honest and real. And i mean that! My life depends on it! i have a responsibility to hold integrity with my work doing The Earth Diet. It is all about honest food labels and real foods without toxic chemicals. 
So as my job as the author of The Earth Diet, and the creator since starting my daily blog to break my junk food addiction, it is my job and commitment to you to be real about my experiences while living this lifestyle. This does make me feel vulnerable but i would rather be honest about my life and the food we eat, than to not share authenticness. You won't ever see me promote a food product that uses toxic harmful chemical ingredients. 
Why am I saying all this? Because with what I am about to tell you comes a story. A story of epic ups and downs. Some people may think my life is perfect because i live this lifestyle, other people have told me they idolize me and they dream that i am this perfect health miracle. I am not to be idolized and as i am exactly the same as everyone. i am just living my purpose and doing what i feel like i came here to do: To live a natural powerful life that I love and to share it with others. Inside of that comes a lot of challenges i am faced with. I am not going to share all of that now, i have our entire lifetime to share that with you all! 
And as of today a 365 day countdown begins. And I feel like I am about to have a baby and in 365 days from now that baby will be born although it is not a baby... It is a book!!! But not just any book!!! A book published by Hay House!
It is official that Hay House will publish The Earth Diet book next October 28th exactly 365 days from now!!! 
This is a big deal! And I would love to share with you about how I got signed by them! And the good thing is I have 365 days to prepare for the book launch, and I will share it with you all. I am inviting you to come on this journey with me and see how it all unfolds!!!! 
Hay house is a dream come true. it was unbelievable to sign a contract with them. It took me months to accept it. It had been a dream of mine since 18! I had this dream for 8 years and it came true! Just like that one day it came true!!! Something that had always been a dream became real! 
Another Hay House best selling author Gregg Braden says "we are already in the next age, the age of meeting ourselves again." It's time for me to face that I am a powerful leader who has transformed my health. Life has not been perfect and I am dealing with life just like every other human being! Just like you! And I have found a way to have a great relationship with food! So I welcome you on my journey. 
When I was 18 I read Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power Of Now" which really kick started my spiritual journey. I knew then I wanted to have a book one day like Eckhart Tolle, but I had no idea it would be The Earth Diet! 
I then went on to read Wayne Dyer's book, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson and Anita Moorjani learning that they ALL share the same book publisher! Hay house! I learned that these people are the leading world changers and combined have sold over 500,000 million books and they go on Oprah, become best sellers, and really make a positive impact in the world! These are the people I dreamed of being surrounded by! 
How The Earth Diet book will affect the world...

It will help a lot of people to transform their health using these recipes. It will help people to lose excess weight to heal themselves! To replace their favorite junk foods with healthy chocolate and ice creams and cheesecakes! It will make the Earth a less chemical place and a more organic and harmonious place to live! And Hay House are making The Earth Diet book available in all the Barnes and Noble book stores in the world, at airports, organic stores, on kindle and amazon! It will be much more accessibly available than what I could have done on my own. 
As some of you know I self published The Earth Diet book in 2012 which now will become the original limited! Consider it an art piece! This book will be discontinued I think by February so grab a copy of that one now if you want a collectors item! 
Hay house have redesigned the book. I have worked on a new manuscript since April this year! It has triple the amount of recipes and of course it's very well edited! 
I am so excited to go on this journey with you! Since after all this is for the Earth, not just me! I have included your favorite recipes and tips in the book and will make a great gift for your family and friends! From all the questions I have received from you in the past few years, I have included in the book! 
My experience since the day being signed in April is... Acceptance of success and then pressure to perform. To cope with this I have created the possibility that I will live my life with presence, peace, confidence and lots and lots of love. 
This all started because I wanted so bad to break my junk food habit so I started a blog and readers held me accountable. I broke that and am free of it. The Earth Diet recipes and ideas essentially saved me and now I share it with others. the joy of others also finding freedom around food and health is the most fulfilling thing I can ever experience. 
I invite you on my 365 day countdown to the launch! Welcome to The Earth Diet! I love you! 
I have no idea what I am in for haha! So excited and nervous to see how it unfolds. I am realistic I know it won't always be easy. I will certainly be faced with challenges, but I do know I have a choice of how I face each thing and what I do from that. I still crave junk food when I get stressed but I am not willing to let stress beat me. I am on the pursuit of a happy, healthy, peaceful, fulfilled life! 
I heard an interesting thing from a fellow Hay House author this weekend at the "I Can Do It Event" in NYC that "we are drowning with information but starving for wisdom..." I believe everything we need is within us. You already know how to live a natural life that you love, you already know what your body needs. I'm just here to provide recipes you might love! 

PS. For more info on Hay House and their amazing group of authors click here!
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