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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nothing in life is at a standstill

Use this to assist breaking and ending an addiction or over eating habit. "A reminder that nothing in life is at a standstill - this is a world of constant flux, and one thing is for certain: Everything changes." John Holland 

This is for you if you are going through mental or physical conflict. If you feel addicted to food, or a habit like over eating and binge eating. If you have bulimia and feel you cannot stop. If you are scared to eat, not sure what to eat, just in a state of confusion and if you are craving clarity and health. 

If your reading this message right now, you could take it as a sign that you are being called to action. "The time is now when you may have to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul. You must learn to confront what you've avoided and walk courageously through it. Always know that life naturally revitalizes itself and as it does, so do you." 

There is light at the end of a tunnel. We must remember that as we battle an addiction, or what might seem like an addiction to food or substance like drugs and alcohol. 

John Holland promises us "That there's light at the end of a tunnel. Recognize that by no longer denying your past and letting the years fall, you'll discover the diamonds in the treasure chest of your soul.This is a cleansing process to wash away and clear out what was once avoided, ignored, or pushed aside." 

It might be quite intense for you right now, your thoughts may go back and forth into doubt and love, doubt and love.

You are in control during this time, you get to choose what you do next and what delicious meal you can make for yourself.  Take care of yourself one meal at a time. Know how important it is to feed your body goodness during this time. 

Earth Diet recipes can assist you in this period of change, sensitivity and healing. They are free to download and print. We want everyone to have access to free health. 

These recipes will make you feel so good about yourself and the eating time will be about nourishment, and not self denial of over eating. 

The recipes are open into categories:
Desserts (most popular)
Raw Vegan 
Meat Eaters 

Today I made raw cookie dough, and fruit roll ups - it's like having my own candy. The best thing is how much nutrition I am getting! There is just one ingredient in the fruit roll ups: pears! And the cookie dough is made with cashews, vanilla, salt, honey and cacao nibs! Just divine! 

Remember there is a recipe for everyone! 

With love, Liana
212 days to book launch! 
Pre order on Amazon or earth diet website! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why there is no such thing as a failure!

Gary Zukav spoke with Oprah briefly about Why There Is No Such Thing As Failure:

It's never too late to change your eating habits. It takes consistent love, forgiveness and probably a fair few green juices too!!! :) ! Nourishment is what we all crave. 

This blog was inspired by the people who feel guilt and shame about their bodies and eating habits. No such thing as a failure! We just keep changing and going and doing and being! Just make your next meal great! 

213 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Friday, March 28, 2014

A good lesson why not to take drugs!

Oprah recently interviewed a star athlete turned heroin addict. This video is scary and shocking, but a great wake up call for everyone on why not to take drugs. Like she says in the interview, once she put the needle in her arm there was no turning back. She said she felt so unfulfilled with material possessions that she went to drugs for relief and pleasure. The thing is we can NEVER get pleasure from these types of drugs, or from junk food for that matter. It is a vicious cycle of unsatifcation. How can we create satisfaction in our life? Well that can be tricky. If we assume responsibility for our own life then we must allow ourselves to be satisfied and at peace.

I love this buddha story:

A man asked Lord Buddha "I want happiness." 
Lord Buddha said first remove "I" that's ego. 
Then remove "want" that's desire. 
See now you are only left with happiness. 

Here is the link to video:

A lot of us may have done damage to our bodies with drugs and junk food. It can be hard to face the truth at first, and then we must make a plan to take action steps to get healthy and create a new life.

Let food be your drug! Here is a great smoothie that is super high in antioxidants. This one gets me excited in the morning. It increases our energy and gives us buzz!

Recipe: Protein Berry Chocolate Smoothie

This smoothie may not look like chocolate, as the berries overpower the color, but there is a hint of chocolate at each sip. The cacao mixed with the berries in this smoothie makes it extremely high in antioxidants, more than green tea and red wine. The almond butter makes it high in protein. A great after workout recovery drink, and this can also be replaced as a meal. 

Total time: 10 minutes

Makes: 1-2

2 cups berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)
1 cup water (or almond milk for more protein)
3 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon cacao powder (add more if you like)
1 tablespoon raw honey (or maple syrup or dates - or none if you think it is sweet enough!)

1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender like the VITAMIX and mix until smooth! Drink!

+ Plant based
+ High in protein
+ Refined sugar free
+ Gluten free
+ Dairy free
+ Increases energy 
+ High in Anti-oxidants 
+ Can aid weight loss
+ High in magnesium 
+ Good brain and workout food

Nutritional info (whole drink)
Calories: 223 | Total Fat: 1g Carbohydrate: 53g | Dietary Fiber: 9g Protein: 16g

* Every single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. Always choose organic, local and seasonal whenever possible.

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray. Photo take on Instagram - Liana's iPhone in California December 2013. 

This recipe is part of © 2013 The Earth Diet ™  All Rights Reserved

Love Liana
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

If you're gaining weight rapidly....

It might be the sugar! Im talking about processed refined sugar in junk foods! Many health advocates believe it is impossible to gain weight from just eating fruits alone! When we look at people who live a natural life compared with people who consume chemicals and processed food that is high in refined sugar, it is clear the difference in appearance and energy. 

Refined sugar can cause instant weight gain. 

It is very hard for the body to digest high amounts of refined sugar. Natural sugars from fruits and plants are ok, as long as that is your only sugar source! When you eat any refined sugar, along with fruits it's too much sugar. The goal is to cut out processed refined sugar altogether. This can be a difficult task, I know I've been there! But can be done! There is no nutrition in refined processed white sugar for example, or aspartame, it just causes acidity and inflammation immediately in the body. 

It's about implementing steps in your life to reduce the refined sugar and replace it with real sugar!!! 

I was absolutely addicted to sugar from Lollies like Gummi bears, processed chocolate and ice cream. So I replaced it with healthier versions of those!!! Now I buy fruit roll ups instead of Gummi bears! Or I make my own fruit roll ups even better! I eat raw chocolate and cashew ice cream. I am fulfilled. So all of the excess weight I had from junk foods left me since I was no longer feeding the habit! 

Being healthy should always be our goal! It doesn't matter what we look like as long as we are healthy! Because then we will always look healthy! 

If your just giving up on processed sugar now, In the beginning you may need to replace them with a lot of healthy desserts and sweets to fulfill the cravings! But that will be a giant upgrade!!! It is worth investing in the health of yourself and your family!!! 

Let me know if I can help you find recipes! I like to make cookies, cakes, ice cream, smoothies and chocolate and cheesecake!!!! Go to my website and type what dessert you are looking for in the search bar and a recipe will come up! Print and download for free! 

Remember my new book is coming out in 215 days!!!! this October just in time for the Holidays and is filled with dessert recipes!!! 

There is a solution for you, just a matter of finding which one works!!! :) 

The body will work with you, Given it is being nourished and not deprived!!! 

Let me know how you go becoming refined sugar free! I know it sucks to be addicted to junk food sugar because it provides us with no nutrition, just emptiness and guilt! So there is no need for it anymore! 

You can now be proud of the sugars you do put into your body! 

Love Liana 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chromium to curb sugar cravings?

Do I believe chromium can help curb cravings? Yes! 

Chromium is a natural occurring mineral found in foods we eat including broccoli (highest amount to lowest amount), barley, oats, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and black pepper. 

Chromium has one major role in the human body. Chromium helps balance blood sugar. It does this by strengthening the signal that insulin sends, helping to drive blood sugar, helping to drive blood sugar into cells more quickly after a meal. 

So when a craving hits you for something sweet, go for the broccoli or tomatoes! 

Here are some recipes I recommend: 

1. Simply steamed broccoli 

2. Oats 

3. Cookie Dough Balls

4. Vegetable Juice 

5. Green Salad 

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of chromium. So drinking plenty of Orange Juice and lemon water, and eating oranges will help absorb chromium into your cells! 

There are also hundreds of other options available to you to curb sugar cravings. For one I wasn't sure if I was able to get off sugar! But it is totally possible! I think the key is to live a natural lifestyle consistently for a period of time and eventually the body will balance itself out and will not crave junk foods. I do not crave junk foods anymore. I do crave natural sweets like fruits and raw desserts which I allow myself to have. The thing is we want what we want! And if you want a chocolate cake you want a chocolate cake! So I say eat it, but with one rule, use as natural ingredients as possible! Make sure it gives you nutrition too! Then you feel fulfilled and your craving for junk goes! 

I designed an e-Program specifically for this reason! It is the 7 or 21 day weight loss program! Everyone who has tried it and stuck to it has been successful in losing weight and curving cravings! You can just download it and print it then do it to break the cycle of craving sweets! ! If you really want to hold yourself accountable and get control of your cravings here is more info ob the weight loss program...
P.s if you pre-order the new book you get this free as a gift! 

I think everyone that craves sugar and eats it is ready to kick the habit to the curb! Because I think eating processed refined sugar comes with guilt and weight gain and that doesn't feel good at all. 

Lastly, three more tips for suppressing cravings is to drink ginger tea and green tea and chew on ginger! 

This blog was inspired by Tammy C! Thank you Tammy for asking about chromium. 

Love Liana!

216 days to book launch! 

References for this study include: and Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

My weekly schedule template

At the end of each week I always reflect back on my previous week. I look at what I did, and what I didn't do, and what I want to do more of for the following week.

I created a "Program Template" that I use week to week. It is more like a roadmap, that points out what I want to do and where I want to go with my health this week. Many people have gotten success from using this program template too! It is fun, and you get to write down what you want to achieve for the week, and then tick the boxes as you go each day.

So looking back at this past week, 
- I had a lot of smoothies and fresh juices which is great, I would like to do the same next week 
- I did exercise on some days, I would like to exercise more next week and at least do on hour of body maintenance (which is what it sounds like, I just get dressed in comfortable clothing and then feel what body parts need stretching or massaging or working out!) 
- I got plenty of sleep and relaxation and I want to be this relaxed next week also! But I do want to increase my productivity just a little bit and achieve more with my work next week. 
- I are gluten twice this week, I made pizza and cupcakes! Yum! So next week I would like to be Gluten free. 
- I did get a massage from a hot tub a few times, and also did sauna a few times! So that helps with pampering and also letting out toxins! (I recommend everyone get a massage at least once per month!)

What I want for this week:
- I want to drink bentonite clay this week, to get the minerals and also to absorb toxins in my body, so every other day. 
- would also like to do one face mask this week! 
- a juice and or smoothie once per day 
- I would like to pay attention to the healing and health of my digestive system this week! So I will eat digestive health foods and also do visualization on a healthy digestive system. This is a great way to maintain health! 
- incorporate more whole and raw foods than last week. More salads. Less heavy foods and less sugary foods this week! 
- I want to make a facial scrub with salt and clay and do that twice this week.
- I want to wash my face with baking soda once this week. 
- there are a few new recipes I want to make this week.
- 1 hour of body maintenance everyday. And then 3 times in the week a hardcore workout sweating and cardio for 25 mins each. 
- I would like to increase my productivity this week and achieve some work goals. I write my work works on a separate template to my health goals! 
- I would like to do more meditation this week, more visualization and less social media. So more unplugged time. Which will be easier since the weather is getting warmer YES sooo excited that I will get to spend so many days outside! 
- I would like to write down more things I am grateful for this week! 

So now that's what I want and I will fill them in on my template so to put them in action next week! Doing these things will have me achieve more health, balance, peace, love for myself and productivity. I make life work for me. Honestly I like to put myself on a program each week because life is easier for me this way and I have more focus. I have something to hold me accountable which I like and I love looking back at the end of the week to what I ticked off! 

You can find the program template in the 365 recipe e-Book! Details here. Make it work for you and never give up, I know how difficult life can be at times, really excruciating, but nourishing our bodies with good stuff is essential and gets us through those difficult times. 

218 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Negative thoughts that hold us back

Negative thoughts can hold us back and ruin our health! We all get them though! So here are some tools on releasing them. Whenever we think negative thoughts we can choose to entertain them or to let them go. What works for me is imagining any negative thoughts and bad feelings to go to the light, a place of total stillness, lightness and love where negativity is transmuted and dissolved into star dust! You might also imagine sending negative thoughts to Heaven, angels or to God for transmutation. 

Negative thoughts effect our health. I write about this in my new book. Our body is bathed in chemistry of either love emotions or negative emotions depending in which state we are in at the time. Dr Bruce Lipton, a fellow Hay House Author, I love his lectures because he gives presentations on scientific evidence of how this works. And basically negative thoughts lead to stress in the body which causes acidity which is a breeding ground for cancer, disease, aches and pains, weight gain, sluggishness, anxiety, addiction and depression. 

So see its very important to release our negative thoughts rather than keep them inside. For great health of bodies should be in a state of love and peace majority of the time, well at least 50% of the time! 

I know it's easier said then done, especially if you suffer with depression because then the majority of thoughts are negative. I hope these tools will help you as they help me everyday. Here are some negative thoughts I may have or ones that are very common among all human beings: (so whenever you catch yourself thinking these or whatever bad feelings you have, send them to the light to be dissolved and dealt with so they are not stuck with you!) 

- I suck
- I will never have the health I want 
- I will never lose weight I can't 
- It works for other people but not me 
- I can't change I'll stay the same for the rest of my life 
- No one can help me 
- I am so alone 
- I need money and I'll always be broke so I can't ever be healthy and afford good foods and lifestyle 
- I will never lose the last 5 pounds that don't want to budge 
- I will never live my dream life it's just not possible 
- I am not good enough 
- I don't matter 
- I deserve a shitty life 
- No one cares about me or likes me 
- Life will just get worse for me
- I am so unhealthy I can't possibly fix it 
- I give up 
- I am so stressed 
- I don't see a way out of this situation 
- I hate my life and my self 
- I hate where I have gotten myself too 
- I eat way too much I can't stop 
- I've done way too much damage to be repaired now 
- I can't do it
- I wish I could start over again 
- I wish I could die 
- I hate what I look like 
- Why didn't I know better? 
- Why did I wait to hit rock bottom? 
- I have to do this all on my own 
- I have to just be grateful for what I get I can't possibly live my dream life 
- I am aging and getting worse 
- I just want to binge one more time
- I don't know what to do 
- I am helpless 
- I am a pathetic loser 
- I am so busy I don't have time for myself to be healthy and heal 
- I can't have what I really want 
- I have to starve myself to lose weight 
- I have to deprive my body and work really hard to be healthy 
- I have to suffer to be healthy 
- I don't have enough money to buy what I need because I am worthless 
- I hate this world 
- I am clueless 
- I will never have the job I want or earn the salary I want 
- No one appreciates me 
- I am so unloved 
- I do not love myself 
- I am so ugly and weird 
- I feel so sick and disappointed with myself 
- I wish I could start my life over 
- I can't be present there is too much pain
- I am in so much pain 
- I wish I was someone else 
- I wish I had more money then being healthy would be easier 
- Why can't I just get more money? 
- There is no hope for me I will suffer until the day I die
- My family sucks 
- I am stuck 
- Nothing good ever happens to me 
- I am the worst person 
- I have to work really hard and sleep less to achieve what I want 
- I have to suffer because I've been cursed 
- I can't stop sabotaging myself 
- I am stuck in a vicious cycle and can't get out of it 
- I am an addict and will never be free 
- I will never feel healthy in my life 
- What's the point to anything? 
- My life sucks 
- I will never be truly happy without some kind of food or drug or stimulation 
- My mind sucks 
- I can't help but think negative thoughts 
- ahhh I am so frustrated with life, myself and other people! 
- People suck 
- Being on Earth sucks! 
- I am not as good as other people! 
- I am dumb 
- People don't get me 
- I hate where I am right now 
- I can never find peace 
- Something good happens and then something bad happens right away 
- I don't believe in miracles 
- I believe people came here to suffer 
- I blame my parents 
- I blame others for betraying me and taking advantage of me 
- I hate my life, body and self! 
- I will never look good again 
- I have to work really hard to look good and suffer my way there 
- Ahhh I can't do it anymore! I give up!
- Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? 
- Why can't I just have the health I want? The body I want? The relationships I want? The career I want? 
- People hate me 
- I will never be as attractive as so and so 
- Why do bad things always happen to me? 
- I expect more bad things to happen to me 
- I don't expect to enjoy the rest of my life 
- I don't get to enjoy my favorite foods if I want my dream body 
- My dream body is not achievable 
- Money money money if I had more more I would be less stressed and be healthier 
- I am a bad person 
- I don't make much money because I'm a loser 
- I am not valuable 
- No one acknowledges me or my gifts! 
- Life is too hard 
- Life is not easy for anyone 
- Being healthy is hard work
- I will never change 
- I don't know how I can achieve my goals 
- It's too late for me 
- I need to completely transform if I want peace, and that is not possible 
- I don't know how I can ever be free of suffering 
- majority of the people are bad and dark and depressed and unhealthy 
- What's the point to me even trying? 
- I wish I could give up 
- I am desperate 
- People think I'm desperate 
- People think bad thoughts about me 
- I am nervous and anxious all the time 
- If only I had more money I could afford things that would help me be healthier 
- I can't do it I just cannot do it 
- I'm overwhelmed, it's all too much 
- I need help like serious help and have no idea where to go or what to do 
- Life is too stressful 
- My situation sucks and is so stressful 
- I am so so so so so stressed! 
- I don't do enough 
- I am too lazy 
- I don't work hard enough 
- I'm just not there yet, I don't know if it will ever happen for me, I hope it does but I doubt it 
- I doubt myself 
- I am so unsure of myself 
- I am not confident at all 
- I am socially awkward 
- I freak out over the smallest things 
- I've suffered so much in my life it will take a lifetime to fix it 
- I need fixing 
- I've done far too much damage to be corrected I just have to live with it 
- there is no escaping my pain 
- I have post traumatic stress disorder and will probably never be like I was 
- I wish I could go back to my childhood 
- I am so scared 
- I feel so alone 
- I wish I knew what to do 
- I will never make it 
- I do not believe in myself 
- If I achieve anything I will be surprised 
- I expect the worse 
- I don't expect to feel good majority of the time that is impossible 
- I am not happy 
- I deserve to suffer 
- I feel so much guilt 
- I feel guilty after everything I eat 
- I am doing the wrong thing 
- I am wrong totally wrong! 
- I have made so many mistakes I am a failure! 
- I have failed at life
- Its definitely to late for me 
- I don't know how to reinvent myself 
- I am so far from my dream life
- I am so needy 
- People just do not like me! 
- People can sense I am needy and they are repulsed by me! 
- I am disgusting 
- I am gross 
- I am so so so ugly 
- I will never be loved 
- the weather sucks 
- I wish I was a different person who knew how to do it right 
- I just wish I could make more money that would solve all my problems 
- I don't understand why it's not working for me because I work so hard 
- I don't understand why I have to suffer everyday 
- I don't understand why I can't just be happy 
- I don't know what it's like to be healthy 
- I will always be the same I can't ever change 
- It is just way to hard 
- It is impossible! 
- I am not ready 
- I am so nervous 
- I can't do it 
- I'm too tired 
- I have made too many mistakes 
- The damage cannot be healed 
- It's too hard 

Just simply send these thoughts right out of your head as soon as they get there! 

If you like try writing all negative thoughts out on paper and as you write imagine them leaving you and being dissolved in the light! It is light offloading major heaviness! 

Remember when I was stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction to junk foods for 5 years, I did not release any negative thoughts and feelings! I did not know how to! I did not have these tools! In fact I believed I was the only human to suffer the way I was by eating junk foods and not being able to stop! As soon as I started this blog and shared with the world what I was going through a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders! 

Enjoy a positive body! 

219 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Earth Diet book at Barnes and Noble - the largest book store in USA

In 220 days the new Earth Diet book will be out! Hay House are publishing it and they are sending it to Barnes and Noble to be sold! Barnes and Noble will release the book on Tuesday October 28th! Just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and whatever other fun holidays will be happening at that time! The book will still be fresh for Valentines Day and Easter for making chocolate and sweets!

Could this be the Holiday Food Book of the year? There are so many recipes in the book that are Holiday worthy! Mac 'n' Cheese, Cauliflower Popcorn, Cupcakes, Cashew Cheesecake, Chicken Nuggets, Fries, Smoothies and Juices, Raw Burgers just to name a few! Chocolate, Sweet Potato Fries, Peanut Butter Cups!

My favorite thing about the book is the recipes, how delicious they are and yet provide us with nutrition!

Oh another favorite thing is that the book is being sold at Barnes and Noble. It was not possible to do this with my first book as it was self-published, but Hay House and Barnes and Noble have been working together for some time. Barnes and Noble reach millions of people each year with their store, and I am looking forward to doing book signings, appearances and lectures there! 

So I did some research on Barnes and Noble, I wanted to know more about this popular USA bookstore where the Earth Diet book will be hanging out! 

So here are some fun facts:

  • Their headquarters are in New York City - perfect! That is where I am located! 
  • Barnes and Noble is built from a superstore concept with an in-store coffee shop and spacious areas to read books! Sweeet! 
  • Barnes and Noble stands as America's last remaining national bookstore chain. 
  • There are 675 stores across USA! Wow! 47 of those are in New York (as of 2013). 6 stores are in Manhattan! 
  • They also operate 686 college bookstores that serve more than 4.6 million students and faculty members across the country. Whatttt in colleges?!!! That is awesome! 
  • They employee 30,000 book lovers to operate the business. 
  • Michael P. Huesby is the CEO of Barnes and Noble. He was originally the Cheif Financial Officer in Barnes and Noble. 
  • I am thinking they could serve the Earth Diet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups in their cafe section! Yum I would get that with tea!
  • Barnes and Noble have a lot of community involvement! They organize in-store events (where I come in!), such as author appearances (yes!), and children's story times and book groups. It would be awesome if I can do a quick 3-ingredient chocolate ball demonstration from the book, and show people how to make chocolate! Then people can buy the chocolate cups from the cafe if they don't want to make it themselves - or if they can't wait to get home to make it lol. 
  • Barnes and Noble hosts bookfairs, which raise funds for schools and libraries and an annual holiday book drive to collect books for disadvantaged children. 1.16 million books were collected and distributed in 2007! That is so awesome! That must be such a highlight for a child to get a cool book! I would love to work with Barnes and Noble to do a holiday book drive (see Earth Diet comes out at the perfect time haha!), and donate books to disadvantaged children, or children in hospital, or healing, and also for children you love food and making it! Love it. 
  • Barnes and Noble seem to have taken on the role of providing America with the best books and community encouragement of reading! They are a great beneficial company I think in the education of children and adults :) ! 
  • Barnes and Noble may just have the world's largest bookstore on Fifth Avenue! Oh boy I need to  check this store out! I have been to their store at Union Square and also Upper West side but not Fifth ave yet so there we go - I have a new adventure to embark on to check out this one!
  • If plenty of Earth Diet books are sold here when it comes out - I can be a NY Best Selling Author! Let's see! ;) 
I got my research from Google, Wikipedia and Barnes and Noble website. 

I am not exactly sure what I will be doing the day of the book release, but I do feel that I will be spending some time at Barnes and Noble! And I really do hope to see you there also to celebrate the launch of the book for the holidays! It will be a healthy holidays! 

I am building the team to help with the book launch, there are paid positions and volunteer positions! The most important thing I have learned from building a team is that each person should be DOING WHAT THEY LOVE MOST! That makes a great team capable of anything! Check out this web page if you want more info on being part of the team:

Love Liana 

How to break a junk food habit

I was addicted to junk foods for 5 years. I felt so guilty about it, and I would eat and eat and eat junk food until I felt sick. Sometimes I took laxatives to help digest it (although of course it wasn't really helping). Then one day I got the wake up call of my life when a tumor popped in my throat. I knew then I had to stop eating junk foods and start putting nutrition back into my body! 

My advice to people is don't wait to hit rock bottom before changing your health! If you are really addicted to junk foods it may seem impossible at this point to break the habit, but it is possible and you can do it! 

Here are 2 important things to remember: 
1. it is a process !!!!!!! Be kind to yourself! You must! Beating yourself up does not work and only makes you feel worse. 
2. Find foods that fulfill your cravings BUT that are also healthy! 

Here are some of my favorite "Healthy Junk Food" Recipes: 
Raw Chocolate:
Cashew Ice Cream:
Cashew Cheesecake:

A life without junk food is bliss! Junk foods deprive the body of nutrition and cause us to feel guilty!!!

There is no way to eat your junk food cake and have it too! But there is a way to eat your natural cake and eat it too! The trick is making natural ingredients taste exactly like - or better - than your favorite junk food flavors.

I know from my experience of being addicted to junk food for 5 years and telling myself every day "this is the last day I binge on junk good" can be a living nightmare! Breaking that vicious cycle has saved my life!

Junk foods do not provide us with nutrition, they make it harder for the human body to feel good and well. Junk foods are so hard for the body to process alas the human body does it because it is brilliant!

I say who needs junk foods in this day and age? When we have natural foods that we can make taste exactly like our favorite junk foods.

If you want to break a junk food addiction you could try my 21 day Nourishment e-program available to download now: OR hire me as your mentor! I will be there to hold you accountable as well as give you recipes, tips and guidance until you are free of junk foods! More info on that here:

I am here to help you! utilize me! I am so grateful that I am free of junk foods! When I was addicted I said to myself often, "if I could just do one thing, one thing, in this life, I would want to be free of addiction to junk foods!" And now I am! I did it! At times I did not think it was possible! I also said if I could break the habit that I would be grateful for the rest of my life and I am so so so sooo grateful! 

Fill your body with more real foods, less junk foods!

Love recovered junk food eater - haha - Liana !

Book launch in 221 days! I hope to help millions of people who are in the same boat I was in. Life sucks when controlled by food!


What do you think of Cameron Diaz talking about poop on Dr Oz?!

Do you think it's sexy? Or does it even matter?! Haha well poop is real life anyway. I love how vulnerable and open she is to talk about body things that well many people wouldn't go there... But I guess she did write "The Body Book" after all!

I love her tag line "24 hours to a better body" !!! ! 

Check out the video:

In the video she also guzzles a lot of water! Hilarious haha she's like a women warrior athlete... Who now talks about poop! 

But haha she also talks about being totally cool with our own bodies! Like totally in love with our own body just the way it is, and relinquishing any guilt and confusion! Like releasing that heavy burden many women have, and just feeling better about our bodies, and then nourishing them accordingly (using recipes from my book). I think the best thing about me is my recipes. Haha that's probably been my greatest gift to the world as yet. 

Overall totally powerful message, loving Cameron Diaz and her body boldness!

And shout out to Dr Oz for using his platform to spread great healthy inspiring messages to the world! 

It's 221 days to book launch! 

I wonder when I'll be on with Dr Oz?! ;) 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This guy saying 100% raw food diet causes eating disorder

This video came up in my Youtube news feed! I thought the title was interesting and I was curious about his opinion on why a 100% raw food diet can cause eating disorders. I have learned from working with people through the years, with mentoring through The Earth Diet website, that people who want to dive in and go raw 100% become overwhelmed and unfulfilled. That's why I am not fully raw; I am 70% raw (water, vegetables, fruits, smoothies, juices, seeds, nuts) and 30% cooked including rice, beans, lentils, veggies and meat. This works for me and is a great balance. That way I am fulfilled when I eat and excited for the next meal! I think they being excited to eat is KEY and something we have lost along the way, as food can cause so many people anxiety, like it did for me years ago when food controlled me.

This guy Matt has interesting views on how being 100% raw can lead to issues:

I know for sure a good balance for me is to be majority raw, and include some cooked. I am from the outback and I love to cook things using fire, and I believe that fire is one of earth's great elements that is so good for our well being. If you are stressed because you aren't 'raw enough', I suggest adding more raw and cooked into your life and finding your own balance.

TIP: One way to get more raw into your meals is by creating a hybrid meal. A hybrid is a cooked meal and raw meal combined. For example when I make a rice stir fry or a soup, I add raw elements to it once it is done, so I serve the soup in a bowl and then I add raw cucumber, raw avocado, cilantro and parsley. Now I have had more raw!

Today, for example An example of my 70% raw and 30% cooked day from today was:

Morning: a berry smoothie (cherries, blueberries, blackberries, almond butter, honey, cacao powder, water, bee pollen) 

Next meal: a Phresh Greens drink - powdered greens in water; kale, spinach, parsley, collard greens, broccoli etc 

Next meal: A delicious fresh sweet lush pear! 

Next meal: another berry smoothie! Craving! Had it and sooo happy about it! Loaded with antioxidants! 

Next meal: chicken wings with hot sauce! Yum! 

Now as you can see I incorporated both raw and cooked into my Earth Diet today! There is no use depriving ourself since eating delicious food is such a fun experience to have! My new book has soooo many variations for raw and cooked foods! 

I also drank lots of water and green tea throughout the day. And I had a glass of diatomaceous earth. 

The last thing I want to do when going to be is be starving and unfulfilled! I am seeing more and more that people are successful with their health when they eat what they crave, but with one rule, make sure it's as clean as possible - and ultimately only using ingredients that earth naturally provides! 

I will leave with saying choose what you want to eat, and then source it as natural as possible! 

It is the first day of spring today and 222 days to book launch! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

There is a positive and negative to everything

Hey guys, so this past week I was mentoring a client of mine, who I obviously happen to care deeply about! She has been so negative lately on herself. I had to point out the incredible action she has done since committing to living The Earth Diet lifestyle! She has lost weight and her health has improved overall - but it is not good enough - for her! 

***I talk about my client like this because I have permission to do so. My clients name is Debbie and she has started her own blog which she does every day! She is determined to save her life as she is obese, has heart disease and diabetes. Debbie wants to live the rest of her life as healthy as she can. She is so inspiring, her blog is 

So Be assured when you email me health questions that they remain private unless you give permission to share them online. 

So as we were speaking I pointed out that the mind/ego may never be satisfied and that we need to train it to be. We need to celebrate milestones and not be so hard on ourselves. 

We must do the things we know that will make us feel better and be healthier, and then appreciate ourselves once we have done it.

Life is not always fun and exciting and happy. Life can also be dark, and so so painful. Everyone experiences it. Just like the light and dark experience of life, we also experience positive and negative thoughts! 

For example, if there is a negative thought like "You have totally wasted your life, you are 40 years old and 20 pounds overweight." The positive thought to this could be "I am grateful that I can walk and breathe and talk FREELY for if I were in hospital on a breathing machine that would be much harder. I am grateful I have a new opportunity to lose weight - and feel better for the rest of my life - and I have hundreds of Earth Diet recipes to assist with that haha!!!" 

When we get stuck in a negative thought it is very hard to move forward or feel better. When stuck in negativity just acknowledge that's what is happening and know it will pass. 

There is a solution to everything. 

Here is a great affirmation by Louise Hay. 

I suggested my client dance for at least 5 minutes everyday, as by the end of the week that is a total of 35 minutes of exercise and feeling good.

Nutrition wise I suggested she drink more fluids like juice and smoothies to assist her body in absorbing high amounts of nutrition with every meal!

Debbie is such an inspiration to me and others! At 60 she did not give up on her life, she is determined to lose weight, heal her heart and improve her diabetes so she can enjoy the rest of her life with joy, and more positive then negative thoughts. 

What do you think... At what percentage should we think positive thoughts and what percentage of negative thoughts? 50% / 50% 

On the one hand, life is so exciting tomorrow I am going to make delicious chicken wings and then there is brown rice pasta oh boy good healthy foods excite me, but on the other hand can this life experience be over already? I'd like to be star dust already! Haha! 

The point is whenever we have a negative thought and then get stuck in it we can explore what the positive thought is, remember there is always an opposite, so we have a choice where to dwell! 

Positive thoughts make a really really healthy body whereas negative thoughts create a tired, drained, acidic body where if untreated for a long period of time can lead to diseases of any kind.

Treat yourself with more positive thoughts everyday, find your balance where you are fulfilled with life, and make sure to get loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of nutrition! 

Obviously when we put good stuff into our bodies, life is going to be easier, there will be more joy and lightness, and positive thoughts flow easier! 

"Good food and good thoughts is good medicine!" That is in my new book! 

Love Liana !

Friday, March 14, 2014

Having fun on Instagram!

I have been having so much fun with my new Instagram account lately and have been wondering if you guys have Instagram?

I am using it as a fun place to post photos of food, travel, what I'm up to and empowering messages! It is such a FUN social network! 

Here are some of my favorite posts since I started Instagram!

In Costa Rica! Enjoying the majestic volcano, right after a bentonite clay bath! 

Watching myself on Fox News haha with Carol Alt talking about "Natures Candy"! 

Myself with Gabby Bernstein, best selling Author of May Cause Miracles! 

Loving self image!

Enjoying my favorite food at Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan!

A chocolate beet cake new recipe I made! So yum! 

One of my favorite smoothies ever! Berries mixed with water, raw honey, almond butter and cacao powder!

Join me at

Let's have fun together! :) ! 

228 days to book launch wowza!

Love Liana