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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 248

Don't worry be happy.

How do you 'not worry' and be 'happy'? Is it even a reasonable request?

I do not claim to be a happy person, writing a blog to make people happier. That is absolutely not my intention.

It seems being happy in today's world is an unreasonable request, like it really takes something for a person to be happy. There are thousands of books out there on 'How To Be Happy'. Ruminating my thoughts is if we have forgotten how to naturally be happy or if being happy truly isn't our natural state. It may be unreasonable to say that happiness is a forced emotion, an objective state, it is not real. No one is happy. Our organic state is one that is not governed by emotion - not happiness and not sadness, not any emotion. Just being.

I read an article today called "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Susan Biali, M.D. who says she has become an incurable optimist. And whether your an optimist or pessimist is determined by how you view the 'difficult' events that show up in your life, or happen in the world around you. Whatever it required to be each one, I have what it takes to be both. I see I have a choice which one to go with. Sometimes it's not as simple as that and before I am aware that I have a choice I have already committed to one and have become that. I have indulged in the illusion.

When Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology was asked to describe the one piece of information that he'd like every person to know, this is what he said, * Teaching our kids HOW to think “I think I can" * Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow * How an Optimist Sees Opportunity in the Current Market * The Virtue of Pessimism

Pessimism is a word for 'belief in bad outcome'. "If you are a pessimist in the sense that when bad things happen you think they are going to last forever and undermine everything you do".

Seligman claims that he's a "born pessimist". Much of his work focuses on learned optimism, and the first thing his optimism programs teach is to recognize the catastrophic things that we say to ourselves when things go wrong. Optimism is a word for state of having positive beliefs.

Being a pessimist become a victim to realizing you are responsible for everything yet they have a conflicting thought process that they are responsible for the 'bad' things that happen to them. And think that one bad thing happening means that more are on the way. Being a optimist, in contrast, see negative events as being external and unrelated to them, isolated negative incidents that have no relationship to other aspects of their lives, or things that might happen in the future. Susan Biali, M.D says she chooses to see negative events as surprise circumstances that always, in retrospect, arrive with a gift hidden inside.

You can be both a pessimist and a optimist.

You are not any one way. Just simply re-creating moment by moment. You are responsible for your own thoughts and feelings. You are responsible for your happiness or upset at present. Only you.

I'm not writing this because I think I'm perfect; I am far from it and yet I am whole, perfect and complete. I slip in and out of being responsible and being a victim. Sharing these blogs reminds me.

It takes something to lead yourself, and it takes the host to take full responsibility of your own life. We live in a world where we are constantly taught that our feelings are caused by other people and external circumstances. “You make me so angry!” “He made me feel like a jerk!” Believing this is victim a trap.

The truth is that no one can make you angry. No one makes you feel frustrated. They might trigger those feelings, and triggering is not the same as causing. You see the feelings were already inside you to begin with, for them to trigger. I like to ask myself if I am willing to acknowledge that my feelings are my own and that they’re entirely my responsibility.

All is well, and I will never get it done. I remind my self life can be fun. No one is taking score of any kind, and if I will stop taking score so much, I will feel a whole lot better - and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things that you want will flow to you. This incomplete place that you stand is actually complete, whole, perfect. You are right on track, right on schedule. Everything is unfolding perfectly. All is really well. Have fun.

This blog is thanks to Jason Armstrong writer and director, watch out for "Bitter" which starts shooting later this year!!!

Challenges: Develop the mind of equilibrium. You will always be getting praise and blame, but do not let either affect the poise of the mind: follow the calmness, the absence of pride - Sutta Nipata

Triumphs: See the truth, and you will see me.

What I Ate Today:

Food fest 1: A beetroot (beet), carrot, celery and ginger juice!

Food fest 2: A orange and grapefruit juice! My juicer certainly got a work out this morning :)

Food fest 3: My favourite summer salad the Spicy Green Avocado salad! I called it that as almost all of the ingredients are GREEN!

Food fest 4: Spanish Rice and Beans! Mmm mmm mmm!

Food fest 5: 3 nectarines and some cherries :) These are my favourite dessert's - so sweet!

Recipe: Spicy Green Avocado Salad recipe is available on The Earth Diet website

Exercise: A 1 hour workout at Big Al's Family Fitness and a bike riding to and from the gym and to the supermarket :)

117 days to go!!!


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  1. Excellent blog post! :D LOVED it. I'm reading it now, five years after it was published, and realize that the person who wrote this must have been really "tuned in", as I feel a lot of similarities to the Abraham-Hicks material <3

    Was it James Armstrong or you, Liana, who wrote this blog post?