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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Healing ACNE.

Today I had a pimple come out on my forward in between my eyebrows and one above my chin. From what I have learned from Ayurvedic practices and Chinese Medicine is that my forehead spots are related to liver and my chin spots are related to digestive system.

I realize my body always shows me signs of what it needs attention, love and healing too. So I decided to nourish my liver and digestive system today.

To nourish my liver I did this: 
1. I drank lots of water.
2. I drank lemon water.
3. I drank herbal tea.
4. I drank diatomaceous earth.
5. I drank Phresh Greens. 

To nourish my digestive system I did this:
1. I rested and allowed my body to relaxed. A stressed lifestyle creates a stressed digestive system. 
2. I drank aloe Vera juice.
3. I ate garlic.
4. I ate beans.

Here are some Earth Diet bean recipes (and a new Bean Burger recipe will be in the new book - it is OMG divine!)
1. Lima Bean Pea Curry

2. Sweet Potato White Bean Wrap By Emily Rose Shaw, Earth Diet Mentor for Personalized Programs. 

3. Potato and Bean Salad by Chizelle who is also an Earth Diet mentor!

I also did a bentonite clay face mask. I have been using bentonite clay since I was 21 (5 years). I started using it externally on my tumor to draw toxins and to acknowledge my body that I was conscious of healing that area. I also started drinking it then, and having clay baths. The thing I love about bentonite clay is that it is totally natural to the earth, it is formed by volcanic ash and has incredible healing properties. Once the clay is applied to the skin, or drank, it absorbs toxins/parasites/worms and heavy metals and draws it into it's antibodies. Then once the clay leaves the body, so do the toxins! It is the best face masks I have ever had, and you can feel it powerfully pulling stuff out of your skin when it's on. It is like natures botox. I always recommend people who smoke and drink alcohol to drink the clay daily, to absorb those toxins and balance it out. People say they immediately feel calmer, more relaxed and focused as soon as they drink it. It's great for hangovers too. Bentonite clay is natural to a lot of parts around the world including Australia and USA, and remember it's always better to source products that are local to you. So if you are in USA go for Redmond clay and in Australia go for Australian Healing Clay. Both are available on my site here and you get a free downloadable Earth Diet program with your purchase. Another thing I love about the clay is that it is one of the least expensive health food/beauty products on the market. I met the owner of the USA clay deposit, he believes the clay is here for our healing during this time of heavy metals and toxins and there is enough for everyone for another 1,000 years. I believe it is here to help us transition from a chemical lifestyle to a natural one.

Nature provides us with everything we need! Even clay for face masks!

Louise Hay, author of "Heal Your Life" says that acne is caused by not accepting the self, dislike of self. She also believes that liver issues are the sea of anger and primitive emotions, chronic complaining, feeling bad and justifying fault-finding to deceive yourself.

Louise believes intestine issues represent assimilation and absorption.

So affirmations that helped today were: Even though I am having these pimples, and these feelings, especially of frustration, I love and accept myself. I know all is well and I love you.

"Good thoughts and good food is good medicine!" Liana Werner-Gray 
That is a quote from my manuscript! Simple yet so so true!

Remember health is a life long process!

357 days to book launch!

Love Liana
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