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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 155

Thoughts: THINNESS is the state of that individual, the muscular frame of whom is not filled up by strength, and who exhibits all angles of the long scaffolding.

French philosopher and gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) believed that "Whenever a pin is taken from a thin woman, beautiful as she may be, she loses some charm." Times certainly have changed. Eating disorders have become so common that they have become glamorized. The pressure to be thin is huge in this current world and people are starving to death to be thin. Bones protruding, and twenty pounds or more underweight, dancers, models and actresses are told they look great. Well the Earth Diet and Jean's philosophy are all for a wholesome and round lifestyle.

There are two kinds of thinness; the first is the result of the primitive disposition of the body, and is accompanied by health, and a full use of the organic functions of the body. The second is caused by the fact that some of the organs are more defective than others, and give the individual an unhappy and miserable appearance. I once knew young woman of moderate stature who only weighed sixty–five pounds.

Thinness is a matter of no great trouble to men. They have no less strength, and are far more active. The father of the young woman I spoke of, though, very thin, could seize a chair by his teeth and throw it over his head.

It is, however, a terrible misfortune to women, to whom beauty is more important than life, and the beauty of whom consists in the roundness and graceful contour of their forms. The most careful toilette, the most, sublime needle–work, cannot hide certain deficiencies. It has been said that whenever a pin is taken from a thin woman, beautiful as she may be, she loses some charm.

The thin have, therefore, no remedy, except from the interference of the faculty. The regimen must be so long, that the cure must be slow.

Women, however, who are thin, and who have a good stomach, are found to be as susceptible of fat as chickens. A little time, only, is necessary, for the stomach of chickens is comparatively smaller, and they cannot be submitted to as regular a diet as chickens are.

This is the most gentle comparison which suggested itself to me. I needed one, and ladies will excuse me for the reason for which I wrote this chapter.

Nature varies its works, and has remedies for thinness, as it has for obesity.

Persons intended to be thin are long drawn out. They have long hands and feet, legs thin, and the os coxigis retroceding. Their sides are strongly marked, their noses prominent, large mouths, sharp chins and brown hair.

This is the general type, the individual elements may sometimes vary; this however happens rarely.

Thin people sometimetimes eat a great deal. All I ever even talked with, confess that they digest badly. That is the reason they remain thin.

They are of every class and temperament. Some have nothing salient either in feature or in form. Their eyes are inexpressive, their lips pale, and every feature denotes a want of energy, weakness, and something like suffering. One might almost say they seemed to be incomplete, and that the torch of their lives had not been well lighted.

All thin women wish to be fat; this is a wish we have heard expressed a thousand times. To render, then, this last homage to the powerful sex, we seek to replace by folds of silk and cotton, exposed in fashion shops, to the great scandal of the severe, who turn aside, and look away from them, as they would from chimeras, more carefully than if the reality presented themselves to their eyes.

The whole secret of embonpoint consists in a suitable diet. One need only eat and select suitable food.

With this regimen, our disposition to sleep is almost unimportant. If you do not take exercise, you will be exposed to fatness. If you do, you will yet grow fat.

If you sleep much, you will grow fat, if you sleep little, your digestion will increase, and you will eat more.

We have then only to speak of the manner they who wish to grow fat should live. This will not be difficult, according to the many directions we have laid down.

To resolve this problem, we must offer to the stomach food which occupies, but does not fatigue it, and displays to the assimilant power, things they can turn into fat.

Let us seek to trace out the daily diet of a sylph, or a sylph disposed to materialize itself.

GENERAL RULE. Much fresh bread will be eaten during the day, and particular care will be taken not to throw away the crumbs.

Before eight in the morning, soup au pain or aux pates will be taken, and afterwards a cup of good chocolate.

At eleven o’clock, breakfast on fresh broiled eggs, petit pates cotelettes, and what you please; have eggs, coffee will do no harm.

Dinner hour should be so arranged that one should have thoroughly digested before the time comes to sit down at the table. The eating of one meal before another is digested, is an abuse.

After dinner there should be some exercise; men as much as they can; women should go into the Tuilleries, or as they say in America, go shopping. We are satisfied that the little gossip and conversation they maintain is very healthful.

At times, all should take as much soup, potage, fish, etc., and also meat cooked with rice and macaronies, pastry, creams, etc.

At dessert such persons should eat Savoy biscuits, and other things made up of eggs, fecula, and sugar.

This regimen, though apparently circumscribed, is yet susceptible of great variety: it admits the whole animal kingdom, and great care is necessarily taken in the seasoning and preparation of the food presented. The object of this is to prevent disgust, which prevents any amelioration.

Beer should be preferred—if not beer, wines from Bourdeaux or from the south of France.

One should avoid all acids, except salads. As much sugar as possible should be put on fruits and all should avoid cold baths. One should seek as long as possible, to breathe the pure country air, eat many grapes when they are in season, and never go to the ball for the mere pleasure of dancing.

Ordinarily one should go to bed about eleven, P. M., and never, under any circumstances, sit up more than an hour later.

Following this regime resolutely, all the distractions of nature will soon be repaired. Health and beauty will both be advanced, and accents of gratitude will ring in the ears of the professor.

Sheep are fattened, as are oxen, lobsters and oysters. Hence, I deduce the general maxim; viz: “He that eats may be made fat, provided that the food be chosen correctly, and according to the physiology of the animal to be fattened.”

Beautiful full woman of today are Beyonce, Abbie Cornish, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry and Oprah.

‘I do think it’s important for young women to know that magazine covers are retouched. People don’t really look like that. In my films I might look glamorous, but I’ve been in hair and make-up for two hours.’- Kate Winslet.
Read more at Suite101: Media's Unrealistic Body Image: Pressure to Be Thin Can Lead to Anorexia

Challenges: I always find something wrong with this moment or I want to take myself out of it by saying "This moment would be better if...if I had some more nectarines...if I had a drink of water...if I were skinnier...if I felt more awake...if I wasn't so full...if I had some cocao powder...if I wasn't so bloated". Yes I experience feeling pressure from society to be thin.

Triumphs: No one can make me feel a certain way, I take full responsibility for my own feelings, thoughts and actions. If I am feeling pressured from society to look a certain way I know it's because I have chosen to let it. So I can remind myself who I am and who I am not and fully enjoy this moment, fully as a full woman eating full foods with full health. Full has now become a sexy word! Hehe :)

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Warm water with a lemon squeezed in it. Beet, carrot, celery, ginger juice. Organic free range eggs cooked in olive oil. Strawberries.

Lunch: Chocolate balls with walnuts. Strawberries

Dinner: Edamame beans and steamed cauliflower

Dessert: 2 mangoes

Snacks: Ginger tea (boiled water with chunks of ginger) and walnuts.

Serves 4 as a side dish, 2 as a main course

-6-8 baby carrots
-6-8 baby parsnips
-6-8 baby turnips
-6-8 baby onions
-6 baby artichokes
-himalayan salt and grind your own peppercorns
-if you want it sweeter add a teaspoon of Agave Syrup
-1 tablespoon chopped tarragon or basil
-1 tablespoon chopped parsley

1.Prepare veggies, leaving a few green tops on roots for colour. Cut each vegetable in 2 or 3 pieces so all the pieces are the same size.
2. Put them in a deep pan with water to amost cover.
3. Season with salt and pepper and agave syrup. Do not add lid.
4. Put artichokes cut side down in a smaller pan, add water to cover with a little salt and cover pan.
5. Simmer roots over medium heat uncovered tossing often 8-10 minutes. Then turn up to high and boil until they are tender and the water has evaporated. 5-8 minutes longer.
6. Simmer artichokes, covered, also until tender 15-20 minutes.
7. Drain artichokes and add roots.
8. To finish add fresh spices and whirl it all around in the pan.
9. Now taste! mmm mmm!

Exercise: A run around the neighbourhood in sunny Florida :)

210 days to go!!!


  1. Ha Ha!

    I love this Liana!

    Especially the bit about women should exercise by going shopping! Ha ha ha!

    I don't know about this one though…"never go to the ball for the mere pleasure of dancing." - I LOVE dancing PARTICULARLY for the mere pleasure of it!

    Accents of gratitude are ringing in my ears right now for you and the abundant gifts you are bringing the world :)

    And here's to even MORE triumphs for women fat or thin to love themselves and their bodies exactly as they are right now.