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Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th

What I ate today:

Breakfast:  One Phresh Greens drink


Snack: One Chocolate Mini Bar

Lunch:  Turkey bacon (I am craving bacon and realize this is a healthier alternative).  And 2 packets of SeaSnax (roasted seaweed with cayenne pepper).

Afternoon Snack: ¾ a cup of walnuts – MmMm was perfect brain food as I worked with my editor today for the new book!  Then I went to Westerly Market where Noah was sampling his Rock’n Raw Chocolates.

Dinner: Organic eggs and turkey bacon sandwich (On Ezekiel grain bread)

Nutrients I got today: Protein, fiber and antioxidants.  

Exercise: Walking in city and stretching! I also meditated today J

Affirmation: I am in vibrational alignment on a cellular basis!

Grateful for: My body and its health. That I am able to move around and be active! It can be worse so I am appreciating where I am at!!!!
Love Liana!

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