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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily food log

Started the day with cashew cheesecake, with pecans. It's so creamy because I soaked the pecans which are soft anyway, and used a Vitamix. This recipe is one of my favorites and mostly used! It's in the new book :) 

Did an hour of grounding exercise outside, such a beautiful hot sunny day in New York! Then had green juice. Feels like medicine for the human body. 

Had sushi for dinner, I just love how vibrant this bento box is. The variety, and the colors. Such a fun experience. I just wish sushi restaurants used cleaner ingredients, I haven't seen too many around yet that use organic ingredients, non-gmo soy, who don't put white sugar in the rice, or use sugar or corn syrup in their sauces. Lets do everyone a favor and ask at our local sushi places to switch to more organic ingredients :) 

I drank a lot of green tea with this dinner to help with the digestion process! Antioxidants after a heavier meal can help a lot. 

Had some raw mint chocolate for dessert with a spoon of almond butter. Yum protein. And antioxidants. 

Also had plenty of water throughout the day including a bentonite clay drink. 

Had plenty of phone and Skype call meetings today regarding the Earth Diet book launch! Found out the book is being launched in Australia in February so that's exciting. Called my Nanna who said good it's about time you visited home! And "send me more postcards!" Haha. 

Also made some cashew cheesecake and cashew lavender ice cream pops! Excited to try one of these over the weekend! 

97 days to book launch. 

Eating well.

Love Liana 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One meal a day

When people start the Earth Diet some like the one-meal-a-day concept. Try it and see if you like it, maybe you will, maybe you won't. I do it whenever my schedule allows and it works great for me. 

The idea is to plan for one big solid meal during the day, and then graze for the other meals by in taking juices, waters, smoothies, fruits, small snacks. 

Today I had a one meal kind of day!

I started with oil pulling using sesame seed oil.

Then I made a mango smoothie with ingredients: mango, hemp milk (water, hemp seeds and vanilla).

Then I had some green tea and raw chocolate, knowing that I would eat a nice solid dinner. 

I also went to the garden and ate some straight up kale leaves for super nutrients.

Then I made some cashew ice cream and proud to say I finally nailed the consistency! It's so creamy and amazing. Recipe is in my new book :) 

Then I had a big protein dinner that was so fulfilling. It was baked organic chicken cooked in coconut oil, hot sauce and nutritional yeast. Then cooked some brown rice pasta and added that to the oven bake. 

This can be such a fulfilling way to eat, and it also gives your digestive system a break from having to work all day long. So people usually experience an increase of energy with the one meal a day concept! 


97 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Theme park food

Today I declared a day off for me, and decided to go to Six Flags my favorite theme park in New Jersey. I love thrill rides and being around people who hold the intention of having a fun day! It's important we have a good balance of work, rest and pleasure. 

I started the day with organic cherries and the scent of stimulating lavender! 

Then I had a berry smoothie made with almond milk (recipe in my new book), strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, honey, maca, cacao and almond butter. 

On the drive to the theme park I saw this truck, for people in New York who want an organic lawn this is amazing! 

I got some snacks from Trader Joes including this Lara bar, Peanut Butter cookie. Do you love how this bar has just 3 ingredients: peanuts, dates and real salt. Super clean eating! 

A day off for me also consists of working haha because this is my purpose and mission and I love it! So I had some phone call meetings for the Earth Diet Marketing and preparing for the Cancer Summit and Detox Summit I am a speaker at online - you can register free at and 

Today I also brought this organic candy which is essentially a fruit roll up - this is a huge upgrade to candy! You can of course make your own by puréeing fruit and then dehydrating for 10 hours. I made sure to have snacks today so that I wouldn't crave the junk they sell at the theme park - unfortunately these places don't offer natural alternatives yet. 
Really enjoyed some of my favorite rides at six flags today! The smell of burgers at this theme park had me craving this for dinner so we left for Bare Burger in NJ a new organic burger restaurant! On the way we enjoyed some raw IAM affirmation chocolate made by Raw Chocolate Man. 

I am so blown away by Bare Burger! They already have 8 locations! Check out and check out their policy - this is so exciting to see such conscious healthy restaurants! 

Organic / All-natural / grass-fed / free range / hormone free / antibiotic free / humanely free / pesticide free / ammonia free / herbicide free / recycled / reclaimed / sustainable 

I also had a blueberry natural soda made with cane juice, water and blueberries! Incredible! 

Not the cleanest day of eating, some heavier foods in there so I will start the day tomorrow with a Green Juice!

98 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sharing health everyday

This morning I had a big green juice with greens from the garden including kale, collard greens and mint. And then I added green apple, celery, ginger and lemon to make a Green Lemonade. So high in nutrients it's impossible to feel bad after drinking this. 

For lunch I had a Pistachio Avocado Oil Raw Chocolate Bar made by Raw Chocolate Man. I love the IAM affirmations on the bar. I had this with a green tea. 

For dinner I had sushi, not the cleanest choice, or lightest choice, but certainly fulfilling for me during this time in my life yum yum I enjoyed the variety of flavors, including sesame seaweed salad, avocado rolls with sesame seeds and salmon teriyaki. Also had a green tea. Green tea helps to digest heavier food. 

For dessert I had a big bowl of cherries yum yum so lush and so organic. Great tv snacks! 

Loved this quote today 

Had some meetings today regarding The Earth Diet business operations, and a team call for the fundraiser we are doing to donate books to people in a health crisis. Very passionate about this 

Also very excited to receive an email today from Doreen Virtue and Food Babe (Vani Hari) - two extraordinary women who also share health everyday! Can't wait to share more with you about these projects! 

Had an hour massage today and happy I invested in that. What a difference it makes to our body. I hope you can also get one each month too - you are worth it ;) !

99 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Organic burger hunt on Long Island

Started the day with a glass of water and a chocolate almond butter cup. These chocolate cups are like a full meal because they are so fulfilling and also high in protein and antioxidants. 

Then I searched for some places on Long Island that make organic burgers. I found one called "The Burger Spot" in Garden City. They use organic free range meat, and also an upgrade to their cheese and bread by making sure it's more natural. Unfortunately they use Heinz ketchup that has corn syrup so I brought my own organic ketchup (new recipe in my book!).  I had sweet potato fries and also regular fries to go with it. I also had a green tea which helps with the digestion. And since green tea is high in antioxidants it helps to energize the body while we digest heavy foods like this. 

Then I had some organic gummi bears. Obviously these aren't the cleanest and a major upgrade would be if I had some straight up fruit. But I love the consistency and didn't have time to make my own natural candy, so this is what I chose. 

And then went for a walk around the neighborhood. And then stretched and did grounding in front of a fire pit in the evening. 

Then I wrote an action packed weekly email to the subscribers of Earth Diet website. I included a gift for everyone from the new book! :) You can subscribe on the website if your not already. 

For dinner I had a huge bowl of cherries to balance out the burger meal today, and to aid with digestion. 

And then later some green tea and raw chocolate to complete the evening. 

Good night, much love
100 days to book launch. 


My day was this,

Started with an hour of grounding. 

And then Breakfast was a bowl of organic cherries (oh so lush and amazing and wow) with a raw chocolate almond butter cup. 

Then picked this from the garden! Kale, cucumber, chives, rose petals, lavender, zucchinis. Wow my food today. Knowing this is all going into my body feels so good. 
I mean I could not believe the zucchini that came from the garden, it was huge! Lots of great rain along with compost soil, sunshine and organic seeds ;) 
I put out this platter of goji berries, raw coconut chocolate (made by Raw Chocolate Man), brazil Nuts, Nibmor chocolate, trail mix, raw chocolate almond butter cups. For a pool party. 
Made this beautiful Garden Salad with the ingredients for the garden! The rose petals and the lavender add a very interesting element to the salad, extremely energizing. The kale is so nutrient rich. The cucumber so fresh, cucumbers one of my favorite things from the garden, and chives mmm so fresh, with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, real salt and pepper. 
Photo by Rock'n Raw Photos 

Had a 3 ingredient Margarita: tequila, fresh lime juice and agave. And some water and ice. 
Made my favorite Cashew Cheesecake! Recipe in my new book available on amazon! 
We enjoyed some fresh aloe on our skins! Natural sunscreen and skin soother. 
Finished by the pool with a fire. A great conversation with friends and another margarita! 
Good night from Long Island, New York! 

101 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Have you underestimated the power of massage?

There are many ways to nourish our body, and a massage is one of them.

Here is why a massage can be so beneficial and I think everyone should invest in one at least once per month - you are worth it!

  • Can release a lot of stress
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Can relieve of headaches and migraines
  • Can help lympathic system circulation - releases toxins
  • Boosts our immune system and helps our body to heal
  • Can release energy blocks in the body - so then we crave less sugar and junk foods
  • Relieves pain and muscle tension
  • Improves mood so we can perform better at our mission
  • We sleep better
  • We feel like goddesses and kings 
  • We get to feel every cell of our body - we become more aware of our body 
  • We get to relax
  • It helps everything flow and align better so we lose weight
  • Our nervous system improves functioning
  • Can help with depression, anxiety and addiction
  • Can re-sculpt our body and straighten things that are out of alignment
  • It is so so so refreshing!

Some doctors will prescribe you to get a massage as part of healing! When people hire me as their Health Coach, I always put in their program to invest in a massage at least once per month. It's about taking really good care of ourselves! Taking care of ourselves properly is the essential key in health and wellness.

On Thursday, I spent 2 hours of my day getting a massage! Who did my massage? I chose Seth who has been massaging my friend for 8 years and she always looked so light and refreshed after her treatment so I decided to give him a go! Seth has a super convenient massage at home service - so he came to me! He set up his table and put on some relaxing music. I turned my phone off to totally tune out and focus on my body. For New Yorkers - including Manhattan, Queens and Long Islanders you can also have Seth come to your home! Perfect for people with busy lifestyles!

I highly recommend Seth because of his home service, plus he has been doing this for 9 years, was born and raised in Long Island and became certified at New York College of Health Professions. Seth was telling me about an experiment they did, they went and massaged a swim team before a big race, and the swimmers felt so stretched and warmed up that they broke all kinds of records! I can relate to that as I looked so different before and after my massage, it was like 3 kilos of heaviness lifted from my body!

Seth's expertise is:

  • Deep tissue
  • Medical work - injuries
  • Scar work - surgery 
  • Swedish massage - relaxation
  • Stretching
  • Reiki  

If you do not live in New York, look up your local massage therapist who specializes in these types of massage.

Here is Seth's details, I am sure he would be happy to hear from you!
Massage by Seth
Number: 631-745-0088

A massage protocol for obesity: 
My client Debbie (she started a blog ) is getting a massage from Seth next week. Debbie is on a mission to transform her body, she has to lose excess weight or she will die - doctors say. She is challenged with obesity. So we have implemented a procedure for her next week that starts with a sauna, then body clay wrap and then massage. On Wednesday morning she will have a sauna and sweat as much as she can. Later on Wednesday afternoon make a huge batch of bentonite clay up and do a total body wrap. Then lie in the sun for 3-4 hours so the clay can draw out the toxins, and it will go hard and crack. People usually lose some weight from this clay experience! And then sleep really well that night, really sit with all the toxins she released that day in the sauna and the clay. Doing those two together is powerful because the sauna opens the sweat glands and allow toxins to come out, and then the clay penetrates deeper to remove more toxins. Then the next morning, Thursday morning, Debbie will get a massage for 2 hours. This massage will help move energy blocks and places where stress has accumulated. This massage will also help to sculpt her new body that she is wanting to achieve. These are ancient natural methods that are super powerful and help us stay healthy in today's world! Try this practice and let me know how you go!

So GO GET A MASSAGE, make it part of your healthy ritual and let me know about your experience!

115 days to book launch!

Love Liana