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Monday, October 20, 2014

Healthy and on-the-go

For us who live busy lives we make healthy work the best we can! There are great tips and tools, as well as healthy on-the-go foods to be successful at having a career and our health! 

The past couple days were busy getting ready for book launch.  

Monday was mostly spent on my computer sending emails. Also did an hour radio interview on Jessica Ortner's show that will air next Tuesday on 

I started the day with a lemon water. And then a Phresh greens. Powerful way to start the day by alkalizing the body and giving it so much nutrition. 

Then I had my favorite California snacks! That's it bars have just 2 ingredients! Really amazing. 

I ate whole foods for lunch - avocado and nectarine. Healthy fast food! 

I made sure to take a break in the evening for a one hour workout - I went walking outside and also a bike ride. Felt very refreshed after exercise. 

Dinner was chicken nuggets - recipe from the new book! 

I ate mine with grapes - great combo! 

I started Tuesday with a beet and green juice again! Such a great way to start the day! 

For lunch I was traveling to San Diego and so I had these travel snacks! Vega chocolate peanut butter bar, the That's It bars and Nibmor chocolate! 

I went on Fit Life TV with host Drew Canole - who is so amazing! 

We made a recipe from the new Earth Diet book with lemon, ginger and cloves - immune boosting, pain reliever and antiinflammatory! 

After filming we went to Sol Cal a new healthy organic juice and food cafe! Left is owner Jacob and Anne is the chef! 

Enjoyed the most amazing gluten free waffles made with almond flour, with coconut cream! Drew had a quinoa burger! 

First time trying this new raw chocolate brand! I love the packaging! The chocolate is amazing too! One of the ingredients is a bit strange though - purple corn extract. 

This is what foodies do! Take photos of the food to share with you all before we eat! Haha! 

I came back to my California base and had an amazing package delivery from Vitacost! They delivered overnight so now I am going to make a huge batch of chocolate peanut butter cups ;) also got these beautiful flowers from Howard CEO Phresh Products. Grateful. 

Dinner was green tea and a spoon of peanut butter! 

This is my goal!

7 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Have gratitude when you eat

One of the thousands of tools for health is: HAVE GRATITUDE. 

Feeling gratitude while eating and drinking can aid with digestion, and much more. 

We love the foods that taste so delicious and also take care of the body well. 

My Breakfast was greens drink. 1 teaspoon raw dried greens and water. Suited for on-the-go type lifestyle. 


When we are grateful we are grounded. Activate gratitude. 

Just remember "I CAN" when you think you can't. I CAN is a great affirmation. Related artwork at Inner Circle, Venice Beach. 

We are all one! - eat whole foods. 

Next was LUNCH!!! I can I can I can! Cafe gratitude in Venice Beach is amazing. 

Started with beet juice...
..... And yam fries!!!!!     Delicious. 

Next was the most amazing Baked quinoa pasta - gluten free! Tastes amazing. "Health is easy when pasta tastes like this!" Perfect for a Californian Fall. With nut cheese and fresh herbs. 

The menu is like heaven. 

Dessert is always so bright!!! GRATEFUL that this is healthier!!! 

Raw strawberry shortcake !!!! 
With chocolate brownies and plant based ice cream!!!!!!!!!! :))))) plus a raw chocolate ball. Such a treat. A lot of beautiful antioxidants in those desserts. 

And of course I had a herbal tea - aids digestion of raw desserts like these. And adds more antioxidants to the meal. 

Jasmine and green tea. 

Dinner was water! Grateful for the amazing beautiful clean and nutritious foods that my body received today!  

I replied to emails for 2.5 hours. And then I studied google calendar to learn new organization skills and plan the week ahead! 9 days to book launch and the Earth Diet global book tour begins!!! Looking forward to all the wonderful amazing delicious and so nutritious foods I get to enjoy tomorrow. Grateful for that and excited to wake up and eat such deliciousness. 

Still feeling the incredible affects of hiking for 4 hours yesterday!!! :) body is loving it. It feels good here. 

We teach ourselves to feel good in our bodies. 

9 days to book launch!

Good night! :) Love Liana ! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blood test today! :)

Today I had a live blood test to check the state of my health. Last time I had blood checked was in 2009 when I was really sick with disorderly eating, pre-cancerous tumor and digestive issues. My blood back then represented sickness, low immunity, verge of leukemia, parasites... And now it is "beautiful blood" that is healthy and perfect no sign of disease of illness. Some cells did show dehydration though which shows me to up my intake of water and also greens. Very happy with the results.Talk about health transformation! 

For breakfast I had a Phresh greens drink. 

Lunch was a beet juice from Mothers Market New York. Really beet! With cucumber and celery as a base, and parsley. Super cleansing. 

Had fun buying these amazing snacks from Mothers market. This was afternoon meal. 

Also enjoyed some coconut milk ice cream! Chocolate peanut butter! 

I was so grateful to spend the later afternoon in nature - with a beautiful blue sky and sun shining!  Hiked for 4 hours to the Top Of The World in Laguna beach! 

Was a treat to exercise for 4 hours in nature! 

Dinner was Mediterranean - rice with vegetables, organic chicken and salad. 

Drank lots of water today! 

10 days to book launch!

Hay House family,

Love Liana 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

You have to cause health to happen!

I have been traveling the past couple days - no normal routine - and I have to make health work - it's a must. My travel tip is just do the best you can with what you have. 

I started Tuesday with a beet juice. No filter here just a vibrant color. Beets with pineapple, grapefruit, orange and mint. Vitamin C booster. This is a great one for traveling, and in 5 minutes you have had your meal - plus instant cellular nutrition! 

I picked up some travel snacks - organic pistachios and macadamia nuts, and coconut milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream! 

Dinner was a kale salad! 

I also drank lots of water, including a lemon water. 

Today I started with a smoothie. Another great travel meal. 

Later at the airport - check out all these healthy snacks! It's amazing to see organic and non-Gmo! 

I picked up some pineapple, grapes and a pure bar! The fruit is not organic at all, but the most whole thing they had there. 

This can be eating while you walk - travel tip! 

When I arrived in California later that evening I had a green juice from Mothers Market. Parsley, cilantro, kale, cucumber and celery. 

Later I had a mint Nibmor chocolate and a That's It bar with two ingredients: apple and cherry. 

Had dinner at a Mediteradian restaurant which was organic and hormone free. This was rice, grilled chicken and salad. And green tea. I ate this entire plate. 

13 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

P.S if you are a subscriber to my emails you would have gotten one today about what's the one thing you really want to transform? Comment below and let me know! It's time for total health transformation! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy day - lots of antioxidants!

Daily lesson: your body will go a lot further and you will have a lot more energy to be productive if you eat antioxidants which can include desserts that are natural! Rather than eating quick sugars like candy, cakes and cookies. Those will make you crash. Unless its a raw cookie dough ball made with almonds ;) ! That's another story! 

My eating habits today reflected a really busy work day!

I started the day with with a big glass of alkaline water and drank lots of it throughout the day.

Was not hungry at breakfast so did not eat - just had extra water and extra breaths! 

For lunch I was craving the antidepressant and antioxidant qualifies of cashews! So I made cashew ice cream bites with chocolate sauce (recipe in new book cacao powder, maple syrup and coconut oil). 

For dinner I had a huge cup of Phresh Greens: kale, spinach, parsley, collardgreens, wheat grass... More greens.

If anyone thinks I didn't eat enough today look at how much I ate yesterday / plus remember our bodies go through cycles and different cravings for certain nutrients. Based on what I ate today I will probably be craving a  salad tomorrow! 

15 days to book launch! Lots of emails to reply to and lots of antioxidants to keep me going!

Love Liana 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chew really well

Today's lesson: chew really well! Chewing properly and enjoying the entire process of eating the meal can help with graceful digestion. 

I slept in until noon - felt extremely refreshed. Started the day with a big cup of alkaline water.

Next I had my superfood smoothie recipe in the new book; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, alkaline water as a base. And added maca powder, hemp seeds, almonds, morringa, cacao powder and honey comb. 

I walked outside in nature 30 minutes the air is fresh, the sky was nice blue today. 

Lunch was a bowl of oats with coconut sugar. Porridge in Fall... Mmm. 

Dinner was this huge bowl of peas with organic free range chicken. I had a meat eaters day. 

16 days to book launch. Love Liana 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Healthy birthday party

Started the day with ginger and green tea with raw chocolate. This excited me to get out of bed on a cosy overcast fall day in New York. 

My day started with the Navel Expo Event in Huntington! 17 days to book launch! 

Was so much fun Maria's Marlowe birthday party tonight. 

She's a healthy one who promotes natural lifestyle and has been featured on Dr Oz, Shape magazine, Ivanka Trump and the Daily Love. 

This was my gift to her... The IAM Bliss chakra spray! 

The evening started with a green juice - thank you Organic Avenue. 

Enjoyed it with a beautiful view of manhattan and Brooklyn. 

This is Maria's fridge! 

Healthy ladies. 

Vegan sushi from Pure Food and Wine, and quinoa and those patties are made with juice fiber. 

The birthday cake - made by Baby Cakes - vegan and gluten free. 


Appreciate your friends - especially the healthy ones. Love you Maria! 

Love Liana