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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ideal treatment for a cold!

Today I really treated myself so that I could make sure my immune system stays strong to kick the cold! 

This is a great treatment for a cold and I really recommend it: 

I started the day with salt water and gargled it. Using real salt of course. 

Then I made a bentonite clay drink. 

Then I boiled water with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and put my head over the bowl with a towel. My face steamed and instantly felt clearer. 

Then I had some raw chocolate and green tea - antioxidants perfect for boosting the mood and feel good emotions in the body. 

Then for a snack I had this coconut! So good! Antibacterial, antifungal - immune boosting. 

Later I made lunch! A quinoa recipe from the new Earth Diet book! Quinoa and turmeric ingredients thanks to Vitacost! I am really enjoying the new book! 

After lunch I made a bentonite clay mask and also put it in my hair. It felt really good how it was drawing out toxins. 

Dinner was this superfood smoothie mmm so divine recipe in new book! With friends! Happy Monday! 

I provided my body with so much nutrition today yet I also did so much work. I made it work. Eating well helps us to be more productive anyway. 

I also did a 30 minute sauna and walked for 40 minutes. 

Just realized I did not have my greens drink today - so tomorrow that is priority! Well I am going to Pure Food and Wine so will make that happen there! 

29 days to launch!

Love Liana 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Try this remedy to heal a cold!

I felt a cold coming on - it is change of season in NY from summer to autumn! It has been an amazing summer for sure! I drank so many smoothies and juices and ate so many fresh salads from gardens!

So to beat this cold, I feel stuffy nose and sore throat coming on, and I want to be clear for the Emmys on Tuesday in NYC... This morning I started with a huge glass of alkaline water. Then I boiled some ginger in water, and added it to a huge pot with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and put my head over it with a tea towel. This steamed my face and cleared me up right away! Love these simple yet effective remedies.

Me this morning: 

Then I had a bentonite clay drink! To absorb toxins and heavy metals. 

It still feels like summer! Today was so sunny and hot! I enjoyed this Phresh Greens by the poolside next. 

I are this local fig. 

Lunch was this superfood smoothie - recipe in new book - with the Vitacost Yellow Cake mix I ate yesterday with 3 ingredient chocolate frosting (recipe in book) - cacao powder, maple syrup and coconut oil. This cake was also gluten free! 

Afternoon snack was celery, carrots and cucumber from the garden. I didn't eat the hummus because it includes a preservative that I don't eat. 

Check out this gorgeous squash from the garden! Will make something great with this. 

Dinner was crumbed eggplant and quiche! 

Spent the evening on social media and right now writing this blog haha by the fire and poolside!

Congrats to Penny who lost over 40 pounds with the earth diet! 

30 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A day in the kitchen!

Today was mostly spent in the kitchen - and also walking outside in nature! I was so grateful to spend my day like this, and to really take care of myself with nourishing food and drinks! 

I had a great sleep in. And then had a smoothie for brunch! Recipe in the new book. 

Next I felt like baking! And this yellow cake mix - gluten free - by Vitacost was perfect! 

The process of baking can be so relaxing and therapeutic. 

Then I made frosting / icing using 3 ingredients and this recipe is also in the new Earth Diet book: cacao powder, maple syrup and coconut oil. 

How divine does this cake look? This is no filter too! Talk about having our cake and eating it too! 

And I ate a decent piece! Well a friend had a slice also ;) 

I also made Mac n cheese! Also gluten free using brown rice pasta! This recipe is also in the book. 

It is change of season here in NY so to kick a sore throat from coming on I made ginger tea. Gets rid of all bacteria. 

Dinner I made this black bean pasta with tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, garlic and parsley! Felt so healing. 

31 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Let pain be your teacher

Yesterday I did some yoga in between work, I wanted to quiet my mind however my mind was so racy with work, that when I did headstand - I was not present at all and as I was coming out of it I heard a crack in my neck and thought oops! I knew it was not good. My neck was soooo sore! When I turned to the right it was excruciating! So I made my situation worse because I was not present in the moment. Today it's better because every time I feel the pain in the neck I say the affirmation "I am peaceful with life" And the pain is becoming less and less. I won't be doing headstand for a few more days however I learned a lesson - and that pain really put me in my body and forced me into a situation to be more present and focused on exactly what I am doing at the time. At first I felt really sorry for myself and then realized to heal it I would have to accept it instead of beat myself up that I caused pain in my body! 

My past 3 days of eating included a lot of antioxidants and on-the-go eating.

One of my favorite parts of my job is that I am getting sent all the new products - and they are amazing! I love trying them and being blown away like from this cookie that is organic and gluten free and vegan! It's made in Fairfield Iowa by Organic Matters Kitchen.

Then I had their gluten free chocolate fudge brownie!!! Wow people are getting so good at gluten free!!! 

Lunch was this protein from Josie's organic restaurant upper west side. Got to appreciate organic! 

My lunch dessert was this pancake and fruit! 

Eating in NYC is so fun! 

Dinner was a raw chocolate bar made by Raw Chocolate Man! I had Skype calls so this was a perfect quick nutrient indulgence. 

Always remember! 

Breakfast was breakfast in bed! Vegan bacon (made with coconut flakes) and I actually have this recipe in my book! With a raw chocolate bar! 

I had a busy day so waited to eat again until dinner! Had Indian! Lemon rice with curry! I love the fragrances and spices! 

My breakfast today was green tea and this gluten free chocolate brownie! 

I was so grateful to be able to spend a couple hours in Central Park with these snacks. 

And this lunch...

Afternoon medicine was green juice!!! 

Then I got to go to this chocolate party! 

With Charles Chen! Game changer! 

Got to try some delicious new health products! Including this one - Tiger Nut Milk! It's going to be huge.

This divine plate of raw food! 

Chocolate covered blueberries! 

New Brooklyn chocolate company! They use hemp seeds (not THC) in all their chocolate. 

A great thing about these events is bumping into people you know and love! Here is Pas founder of The Seed Experience! 

32 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

36 days to book launch

Started the day with 2 hours walking and stretching in Central Park. The sunshine was incredible and I absorbed the season change. 

Went to Juice Generation just off Columbus Circle - and had their green juice "Supa Dupa Greens" - wow!! Total full blown energy experience - pure positive medicine. Parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon! 

Then made if for Happy Hour at Bareburger where I enjoyed organic blueberry soda! Made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup - major upgrade! Also had fries and a well done burger. 

Got some movie snacks from Westerly Market. Healthier candy ice cream made with rice milk. 

Great to remember this: 


Good night! 
Love Liana 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend eating

This weekend was the Hay House I Can Do It event NYC - Javits Center. I started the morning with this chocolate almond butter cup! Raw - plant based - earth diet! High in protein and antioxidants I was happy to start the weekend this way. 

Then I had an orange juice from Organic Avenue. And drank the grapefruit juice throughout the day. 

I love getting my hair done at NY Hair Co since they are organic and animal cruelty free! 

Also throughout the day I had some blueberries. Such a great lunch too! 

Was so happy to meet Congressman Tim Ryan author of Real Food Revolution and who wants to implement gardens in every USA school!!

Tara Styles. 

Dinner at Bareburger. Organic and free range - also vegan options. 

Sunday I started the day with another raw chocolate almond butter cup! Great on-the-go food. 

I would rather eat raw chocolate than the processed food in the food court. 

Sunday evening I enjoyed this rice milk ice cream from Westerly Market! 

Dinner was sushi in the city! I had avocado roll and green tea.

Monday started with a nice long sleep in! For lunch I had this coconut milk ice cream at the roof top pool in the sunshine. Season is so close to changing! 

Had some ginger tea! Fresh boiled ginger. 

Made this amazing 4 ingredient salad! Kale, avocado, lemon and balsamic vinegar. 

And cooked some chicken nuggets for a friend. This recipe is in the new book. And is gluten free coating made with almond meal and turmeric. 

37 days to book launch! 

Love Liana