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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11th

What I ate today:

Morning: Water

Breakfast:  One Chocolate Mini Bar and The Earth Diet ChocolateAlmond Butter Cup

Lunch:  A bowl full of organic raspberries and blueberries!
Snack: A generous handful of Macadamia nuts.  I try to think “If I were out in the wild how many of these could I realistically gather and then crack and then eat!!!

Afternoon Fun: Spent $63 on organic ingredients at Fairway Upper West Side, they have a great organic selection on the 2nd floor.

Snack: Another handful of Macadamia nuts

Dinner: Brown rice pasta spaghetti with tomato sauce made of tomatoes and thyme, sage, salt and oregano, topped with nutritional yeast! I was out of fresh cilantro and if I had it would have added that to garnish! Yum! 

Dessert: Cookies! I made a new recipe today for the first time.. I wanted a low calorie plant based cookie that had chocolate chips and walnuts! I used buckwheat and rice flour, flax for the egg replacement and coconut sugar so they were vegan AND gluten free and no soy or refined sugars!!! I will share the recipe soon on the website J

Accomplished: Worked on the new Earth Diet manuscript, the new book with the triple amount of recipes coming out in 2014!! Also sent two personalized programs to my clients that I have been working on for a week! One woman had Graves’ disease and wants to improve it and even be free of it for the rest of her life, the other woman wants to lose weight and improve the quality of her life!

Nutrients I got today: Antioxidants & protein

Exercise: Stretching and walking around town!

Affirmation: Orange, grapefruit and lemon provide great sources of Vitamin C!

Grateful for: 
My accomplishments today!

Love Liana!

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