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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27

Raw Pizza. Photo by Swellvegan
Day 27 on my April Challenge!

My Customized Health Programs include a Exercise Program, Eating Program and Hypnosis Program.

This is what my day looked like - Wednesday April 27th 2011.

Eating Program:
Morning: A tea with ginger, lemon myrtle and green tea leaves. 
Next meal: A lemon, beet, carrot, celery and ginger juice.
Next meal: Buckwheat Pancakes with oats, agave and cacao nibs.
Buckwheat pancakes with oats, cacao nibs and agave.

Next meal: A cacao, almond butter, agave, strawberries and almond milk smoothie at the new Organic Corner in Massepquea, Long Island New York. Check out their facebook here:
Next meal:  Raw Pizza. Ingredients: Olive oil, avocado, buckwheat, basil, oregano, thyme, lemon, himalayan salt, tomatoes, onions, dates, agave, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, nutritional yeast.
A tea with lemon myrtle, ginger and green tea leaves. 

Exercise Program by Patrick:
Night: Dancing to my favourite music and stretching. 

Hypnosis Program by Paul Nguyen:

20 minutes listening to my customized 'Weight Management' ;)

"You can judge a persons health by what he takes two at a time.. pills or stairs." Annonymous

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