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Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 85

The newest Earth Diet Challenger Sophie Marino! The unstoppable human being from Byron Bay who creates new clothing and styles from recycles clothes and fabrics!

Thoughts: If you look up health in the dictionary it says "freedom from disease or ailment". It sounds ordinary to me. For me health is much more! Health is abunadance and power and strength...all that I am when I am healthy. My friend and flatmate JD who is 50 and eats raw and looks amazing (and p.s yesterday I saw him sleeping and he had the biggest smile on his face, I have never seen someone look so peaceful sleeping before!...says health is like the bottom line. If you don't have your health you don't have anything. Well really...If you don't have your health then what do you have? The Earth Diet is all about nuturing and loving your body and who you are. Because you are extraordinary, absolutely amazing, you are a whole, perfect, complete human being that deserves abundance and health. If you get anything from this blog...get this...ask yourself...really what do you want? If your health could really be any way you wanted how would it be? And what are you committed to in your life? And let me know what it is you want...and what you think stops you from having an abundance of health. And be totally honest...totally real...if you can't be real with yourself nothing is going to happen with you! I had thoughts that I really felt I couldn't share with anyone because people would think I was weird, and stupid and not a real human being. I thought I was so alone and the only person on the planet sabotaging my body and eating all this crap food because I didn't feel good enough, didn't think I deserved to feel alive and healthy all the time, never thought I would have the body I wanted, was obsessed with being skinny and thought if I was that life would be better, I would be happier, more people would like me, then I could love myself, I did not like or enjoy myself at all. It was crap! And it wasn't until I created and committed to this Earth Diet for 365 days that all of that left my life...completely...I never thought it was possible, I really thought I would suffer with that all my life! AND I believe it went because I committed to this diet which is a game bigger than me, a game that actually frightened me and excited me at the same time.

Also I wanted to acknowledge a very special human being Sophie Marino who is taking on the Earth Diet for 280 days!!! Sophie is an Australian fashion designer who creates fashion pieces from recyled clothing and fabrics in Byron Bay. She is a hott tamalee and is so committed to the health of the earth and the health of human beings! One of the most inspiring, extraordinary human beings I have ever met. Sure she is nervous about The Earth Diet and some of her friends say she won't be able to do it for the whole time, but wow what a courageous human being to take this on! I get so many emails from people saying wow this kind of healthy life sounds amazing BUT I can't do it. That BUT stops so many people in life from having what they want. Is it stopping you from having an abundance of health? Sophie is unstoppable! follow Sophies blog

Challenges: Looking at me failing versus my performance failing. Every time I would binge and put foods into my mouth I knew were doing more bad than good I thought I was failing as a human being.

Triumphs: Wow Day 85 on the Earth Diet of loving and nuturing myself and my body! Woooo! I have so much more energy, and sleep 4,5 or 6 hours sleep a night and still generate myself throughout the day to be excited and alive. I have never had this much energy, passion and love for life before. It's funny how a shift in diet, lifestyle and context can really transform my experience of life!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger juice. Eggs fried in olive oil.

Lunch: I ate $17 of nectarines today...oops I didn't realize they cost that much until after I ate them! I could have lived off food in India for 17 days off that! I could taste the difference between organic and regular nectarines. It's like I was eating two different family members you know. One was chemical and one was pure and real.

Dinner: Salad with avocado and spinach and lemon.

Dessert: Mango wow.

Exercise: 90 minute bikram yoga class. Oohhh yeah a good bendy sweat out!

280 Days To Go!!!

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