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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 94

Thoughts: A blog about FISH from Earth loving vegan beauty queen Carolyn Wagner....

“But you can still eat fish right?” They feel pain too. Studies have shown that fish have well developed pain receptors in their brain. So when their mouths are pierced by hooks they feel it. Fish use their tongues and mouths as hands. Fish learn from each other and actually contrary to belief have excellent memories. And when studied can even learn complex tasks that even dogs can’t complete. You wouldn’t stab your dog or cat in the mouth so why think it’s ok for a fish. Most of us have seen Finding Nemo. “Fish are friends not food.” They watch each other and learn from each other and when a predator approaches they hide. They have a desire to stay alive. Fish who are caught and released suffer internal injuries, exhaustion and the loss of their protective coating. Studies say that 43% or the fish returned to the ocean will suffer a slow painful death. Germany has banned catch and release fishing altogether because of its cruelty. Tuna fish even comes with a warning on the label that it is not fit for consumption by preganant women because of the levels of mercury. Do you like having mercury in your system. It’s also just simply unsustainable. There are not enough fish in the world to feed 6.6 billion people. Whales, dolphins and sea birds are starving because we are taking away their food source. Also our means to capture fish with nets and lines and hooks also kills turtles, dolphins, whales and birds. There has been such an uproar about the Japanese whaling why not look a little closer to home and help out our other friends in the ocean.

Challenges: Wow, yeah I do love salmon, that would be a challenge to give up completely. I never looked at it before like I have actually been eating my fish friends! aahhh! hehe!

Triumphs: Since being more connected with the Earth on this Earth Diet I have naturally and very easy reduced my meat consumption and eat the occasional chicken and salmon. My body mostly desires fruits and nuts and vegetables.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Beetroot, ginger, celery, carrot juice. Chocolate balls.

Lunch: Cherries. Macadamia nuts.

Dinner: Salad with green lettuce leaves, spinach, avocado and lemon juice.

Dessert: a Pear.

Exercise: Run on the beach.

270 Days To Go!!!

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