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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 121

Stephanie Lomenick and I...we play besties in "The Man In The Maze" which we are shooting now in Alabama.

Thoughts: First day shoot today for "The Man In The Maze"!!!

Ashleigh Bevin is taking on the Earth Diet on March 1st! She also suggested that I write an article about flaxseed. So I did my usual online research and here's what I got:

Flax Seed Oil is a blue flowering plant that is grown on the Western Canadian Prairies for its oil rich seeds. This natural oil (also known as Linseed Oil) is highly recommended for the general well being and whole body nutrition and is considered to be nature's richest source of omega-3 fatty acids that are required for the health of almost all body systems.

Flax Seed Oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, lecithin, magnesium, fiber, protein, and zinc and also provides approximately 50% more omega-3 oils than what you could get from taking fish oil, minus that horrible "fishy" after taste. Sounded good to me already!

Should you add flax seed oil to your diet?

Some nutritionists, researchers, and scientists believe that it could be the most important health-promoting supplement next to a multi-vitamin. Nearly every system in the body can benefit from flax seed oil's natural properties, including the cardiovascular system, immune system, circulatory system, reproductive system, nervous system, as well as joints.

Just look at this list of facts and studies of what Flax Seed Oil can and may accomplish:

- Research shows low incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer in populations that have high amounts of lignan in their diet. Flax is 100 times richer in lignan than most whole grains.

- Studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids help lower cholesterol and blood triglycerides, and prevent clots in arteries, which may result in strokes, heart attacks and thromboses.

- Helps protect the body against high blood pressure, inflammation, water retention, sticky platelets and lowered immune function.

- Shortens recovery time for fatigued muscles after exertion.

- Increases the body's production of energy and also increases stamina.

- Accelerates the healing of sprains and bruises.

- Eases weight loss in people afflicted with obesity.

- Stimulates brown fat cells and increases the metabolic rate making it easier to burn off fat.

- Improves the absorption of Calcium.

- Strengthens finger and toenails.

- Can improve eyesight and perception of colors.

- Can often improve the function of the liver.

- Can relieve the side effects and stop development of many forms of cancer.

- Can relieve some cases of Asthma.

- Helpful in the treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dandruff.

- Can relieve the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can relieve the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus.

- Can alleviate some allergies.

- Helps prevent Atherosclerosis (the accumulation of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels, especially the large and medium-sized arteries, that many people experience during the aging process).

- Lowers high blood pressure in Hypertension sufferers.

- Has been scientifically proven to treat some cases of depression.

- Can improve the mental function of many old age pensioners.

- Can help in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

- Has been proven to improve the behavior of Schizophrenics.

- Can relieve some cases of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in females.

- And more...!

I also recently tried flax seed meal in my chocolate balls.

What are flax seeds and flax seed meal?:
Flax seeds are very low carb, high nutrition seeds that are useful in a low of recipes. They are the seeds of the flax plant, which linen cloth is made from. Flax has a pleasantly nutty taste. The whole seeds keep well, but they need to be ground into meal for us to get their full nutritional benefit. A simple spice or coffee grinder can do this in seconds.

Challenges: We went to lunch today at a local restaurant and they had only burgers, french fries and fried food. No salad, no fruit...

Triumphs: ...Any excuse to have chocolate for lunch though I love! hehe

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: A green apple. Peppermint tea. Chocolate balls with brazil nuts. A beautiful avocado mm mmm!

Lunch: 2 apples. Chocolate balls.

Dinnner: Indian food...Dahl (beans) with rice and spices and cabbage mmm mmm!

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: No snacks.

Recipe: I took my chocolate ball recipe ingredients with me to set with a bowl and a spoon and it's so easy and convenient to just whip it out and make them in five minutes! Recipe for chocolate balls is on blog Day 115.

Exercise: working on set doing multiple takes...AND walking up the hill to set! Oh and because it's sooo freezing cold here...I do squats, and dances, and jumps, and anything abstractly physical to keep me warm! I'm going to be fit after this 4 week shoot! ;)

On location shooting "The Man In The Maze"

244 days to go!!!

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