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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 91

Thoughts: So back on the "eating disorder" issue I received two recent comments for both ways. The first is from an anonymous,

"I'm commenting you as i read the comment about 'having an eating disorder" .. i think what your doing is great, and it feels amazing to run off natural energy, our body's don't need a lot of food to fuel themselves if your lifestyle is not extremely physical, like you said we have all been brought up thinking we need a big breakfast lunch and dinner to live efficiently which is sad because the world does struggle with there weight all the diets that have been created by people that couldn't listen to the body's, if we just ate when we were hungry and ate fresh food, obesity wouldn't exist, and just by reading your blog is obvious you have a loving relationship with you body and your feeling great, i started on the diet a few weeks ago and i feel full of energy and i cant believe i don't have to eat huge meals anymore I'm actually in touch with my bodily needs. good on you !" (Thank you for the comment and I am interested to know what diet you are on?)

Another comment I got was from a close friend, "I think its good you got that comment. Honestly! I was actually a bit worried....i feel like you didn't eat enough...i barely saw you eat apart from the choc balls which aint much! ...You do need protein!....I know you're all about health with this diet...but its also good to get present to! That you can learn from other people as well.. You teach and inspire, but you can also take on what other people may have to offer...
Health is a fully rounded life....that embraces diet, sleep patterns, well-being, self-esteem, relaxation, exercise etc...and its different for everyone as everyone has a different constitution and different needs...its understanding that and respecting your body i think. xxxxxx big hugs and ya".

Challenges: Is the Earth Diet a disturbance in food patterns? That's for each individuals interpretation. I do know that fat people crave donuts...and I naturally crave healthy wholesoome foods now...I would much prefer to eat a beautiful creamy avocado then a donut any day, and if that looks like an eating disorder to you then that's ok.

Triumphs: Wow hehe I realized I haven't eaten a donut in over 90 days! or sugar, or chocolate or lollies! is the donut worth it?

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 3 nectarines. Beetroot, ginger, celery and carrot juice.

Lunch: Macadamia nuts. 2 chocolate balls. Guacamole.

Dinner: 2 fried eggs in olive oil and avocado.

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: No dessert.

Exercise: Run on the beach.

274 Days To Go!!!

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