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Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 131

Thoughts: Are You Constipated?

Many people don’t even know they’re constipated. Having bowel movements several times per week or even once a day doesn’t necessarily mean your colon is healthy. Do you ever have bowel movements that are difficult to pass or do you often have to strain to go? When your colon is compacted, there can be very little room for waste to pass. When your colon is cleaner from an effective bowel cleanse, however, bowel movements can be almost effortless.

People who have experienced bowel cleansing are often startled at the amount of waste they can flush out. Some people pass mucous and mucoid plaque as well, and others have even been astonished to find “unidentifiable objects” in the toilet bowel. Let’s just say, you can get rid of some unwanted guests that may inhabit your digestive tract if you eliminate the waste in which they reside.

Many people completing a bowel cleanse report losing weight and a flatter abdomen for the first time in years due to getting rid of several pounds worth of waste. Regular bowel movements, cleaner feeling skin, brighter appearing eyes, reduced aches and pains, and better tolerance to foods can be experienced from taking better care of your body.

Dr. Mauro's 30-Second Test to Find Out if Your Colon is Becoming a Cesspool of Toxins...

Number of Bowel Movements - The Severity of Your Constipation
-4 or more times a day Your stools are too loose, you may be suffering from diarrhea. You should see a health care professional, such as a Naturopathic Doctor, to help correct this situation. This site and most of the information it contains is NOT for you.
-3 times a day It doesn’t sound like you are suffering from constipation, unless your stools are very hard and painful to pass.
-1-2 times a day You're doing well, but three times a day would be optimal — especially if you are straining on the toilet. Three times per day ensures that nothing is staying in you any longer than it should. I recommend you try Dr. Mauro's free email series to help get you up to 3 times a day.
-Every other day This won't do. Waste needs to pass within 24 hours. Food is coming in quicker than it is departing — bloating and gas are the result. Since your condition isn't extreme, taking the free email series and applying the strategies from 27 Constipation Relief Strategies for Women should be all you need to clear things up for you, fast.
-1-3 times a week You urgently need to get your bowels more regular, ASAP. Food waste is literally rotting inside your gut and turning into a stagnant cesspool of toxins that may not only be damaging your colon but backing up into every cell in your body. I strongly encourage you to take the free email series and start applying the strategies from Dr. Mauro's collection of 27 Constipation Relief Strategies for Women immediately.
-3 times or less per month You are suffering from severe constipation. This can lead to many other serious diseases including colon cancer. Your immediate symptoms of discomfort are only warning signs. Not only should you immediately sign up for the free email series and download a copy of 27 Constipation Relief Strategies for Women... I'd also strongly encourage you to setup an appointment with a local Naturopathic Doctor.

Challenges: If I eat too many nuts my poops are a little harder to push out! hehe! I do like it when they come out simple and smooth ;)

Triumphs: I poop at least 2 times a day :)

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: An apple. Green grapes. An organge.

Lunch: Raw brocoli. Cooked beans from the roadside diner in Alabama ;) Alfalfa sprouts.

Dinner: Avocado with mixed sprouts and walnuts.

Dessert: Chocolate balls with avocado.

Snacks: An apple. Chocolate balls.

Exercise: Running up and down the hill in the woods for shooting the film "The Man In The Maze". It was fun physical activity!!/pages/The-Man-in-the-Maze-Movie/275214654765?ref=ts


234 days to go!

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