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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 113

Thoughts: Australian model Prudence Coffey chats her thoughts on the Earth Diet and food "hang-overs"...

"I was lucky enough to meet Liana when Leila Sweeney invited me to the Gold Coast for her new clothing brand – Lass – photo shoot. We posed together and had a lot of fun for half a day, and after those mere 5 hours Liana had changed my eating habits...and NO ONE could change my eating – not my parents, my friends or even the doctor! I used to eat at least a big packet of corn chips a day and going without my faithful food always put me in a bad mood and made me pretty bad company! After talking to Liana about what her goals were and what she had achieved so far inspired me to give her diet a go. It is important to remember that this isn’t so much as a ‘diet’.. it is a change in lifestyle that is only for the better. She is such an amazing girl, so positive and inspiring and I wanted to have the attitude she has so I opened my mind to her new way of life. I am the sort of girl that looks at the people whose entire diet is made up of natural and organic foods and thinks that i could never have the patience or commitment to make meals like that every day for every meal. So I decided to start small....eating fruits and vegies for snacks instead of chips and biscuits. I have to admit, I haven’t gone as far as organic and natural foods, I am eating alot of youghurt, strawberries, grapes and avocados and my faviourite.. CAPSICUM!!! These are all bought from Woolies, and although they may not be the organic foods that Liana has commited herself to, I am already seeing a MASSIVE difference in my body and attitude to life. No longer am i experiencing ‘food hang-overs’ or bad skin.. that is the biggest difference i have noticed actually.. my skin is radiant now! I have much more energy and confidence in myself.. just from changing my snacking foods! I am slowly weening myself onto changing my main meals, because i think it would be too easy to give up something that i took on all at once. I think that this diet isn’t just about changing your eating habits, but in a whole, it is about changing your life. The foods involved in the earth diet may be a bit more expensive than cheap and easy food but i am finding they fill me up on smaller quantites that junk food and you can use the foods as a base for a heaps of meals.. so over all these foods are filling me up much faster, they are going further in my meals and my attitudes towards life have changed.. its a win-win situation : ) I think everyone out there should give it ago, and if you are like me, just start small.. even spend a few days hyping youself up to the change.. plan ahead and most importantly.. stay faithful! It will be the best thing you have ever done, and i know as a fact, i will never look back." Prudence Coffey Australian model.

Challenges: I'm in LA and there is food food many varietys...I just want to eat eat eat...everything pizza, and pasta and chocolate chips cookies. I walked past my favourite vegan chocolate chip cookies tonight in Wholefoods and squenched at walking past and not buying one. mmmm i would love to have that soft sweet thick cookie in my mouth, and it's not inside my committment to loving and nuturing my body for 365 days on only foods naturally provided to us, so yeop I walked right by.

Triumphs: Haha love it! I remember the food "hang-over" days uuhhh yuk!!!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 2 green apples.

Lunch: 2 nectarines.

Dinnner: A salad with green lettuce leafs, baby spinach, snow peas, avocado, lemon juice, walnuts and hemp seeds.

Dessert: Herbal tea with chocolate balls with macadamia nuts.

Snacks: No snacks.

Cost: I spent $37 at wholefoods and stocked up on organic goodness...fruits and vegetables mmm mmm!

Exercise: A bike ride with Sanusi to Wholefoods!

252 days to go!!!

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