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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 88

Empty cup to allow for new stuff...

Thoughts: So at first when I read the comment from last night:

"I think you might have an eating disorder and your blog reads as a justification for it. You don't give amounts when you list your daily food intake but it really doesn't look substantial. Have you lost weight? If this is about natural foods, why is it necesssary to list what exercise you do every day?
Be careful....."

I was defensive and activated and reacted by thinking: What how can I have an eating disorder, do I have an eating disorder, how can they not get it? This is about health and love and nurture to the body and how can I prove that, who wrote this? I wonder who it is out there, crap I look bad now and bla bla bla...right you get the point.

So then I spoke to a friend who is a Mental Health Professional and here's what I got from that conversation....

Yes I am messing with years and years of tradition and ways of eating, my mum brought me up on certain foods and her mum brought her up on certain foods and then her mum did and so on. So yes the chemistry that I eat and put into my body is different than my body has ever had before. And foods that I ate for 19 years, I am suddenly not having anymore. And No I don't have a scientific background and I have been operating from a philosophy of yeah it's good wholesome foods from the earth so it must be good for me and it must be good for everyone else.

So here's what I am going to do...I am going to look at it from a scientific point of view to test how I am progressing, and see what my body is up to. My friend challenged me when he stated "You don't actually know whats going on with your body". I was defensive and said "How could I not know what's going on with my body? It's my body. I feel healthy and alive and the most energetic I have ever been!". He suggested that I listen to him from an empty cup instead of having a full cup and actually taking on his advice which is to visit a health profession and run tests to monitor my body. So I have booked in to see my naturopath next Wednesday for some tests and check ups. And yes I have lost some weight, and nothing dramatic, when people see me they don't say "whoa you have lost so much weight you look skinny and sick", "they say wow your skin looks great" or "you look really healthy". I do not weigh myself and the Earth Diet is not for people who only want to lose weight, sure you do lose weight by eating only natural wholesome foods from the earth, how could you not? But this Earth Diet lifestyle was created to bring love and nuture into my life and hopefully yours.

To me exercise is an important part of life and health. I don't write my quantities, for two reasons, one, if I wrote my quantities it would promote people to eat the same amount as me which isn't the example I want to set as everyone's bodies are different and some people will intuitively want and need more food than others, and two, I do eat a lot of food and I also do not want to promote people consuming large amounts of food, as in my world what occurs to me is that the majority of human beings eat far too much food for what we actually need. Some people are obese and others are starving.... You will also notice that my recipes don't have quanitities. I'ts not about quanitities...getting in tune to your body and what you naturally want and feeling and connecting with the food and the natural quantity will come.

Thankyou for your comment and contributing to this blog! you rock! It has certainly opened up new avenues for this blog, and I am curious to know how my body is doing next Wednesday when I get a medical checkup.

Challenges: Taking on advice of others and giving up looking good.

Triumphs: Giving up being reactivated to other peoples opionions and thoughts of me and what I am doing, hehe giving up thinking I am right and righteous and not wanting people to judge me that I have an eating disorder.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Beetroot, carrot, ginger, celery juice. One green apple.

Lunch: Macadamia nuts. Chocolate balls. Yes an indulgent lunch mmm mmm!


Dessert: No Dessert.

Snacks: No snacks.

Exercise: Run on the beach!

277 Days To Go!!!


  1. im commenting you as i read the comment about 'having an eating disorder" .. i think what your doing is great, and it feels amazing to run off natural energy, our bodys dont need alot of food to fuel themselves if your lifestyle is not extremely physical, like you said we have all been brought up thinking we need a big breakfast lunch and dinner to live effiently which is sad beause the world does struggle with there weight all the diets that have been created by people that couldnt listen to the bodys, if we just ate when we were hungry and ate fresh food, obesity wouldnt exsist, and just by reading your blog is obvious you have a loving relationship with you body and your feeling great, i started on the diet a few weeks ago and i feel full of energy and i cant believe i dont have to eat huge meals anymore im actaully in touch with my bodily needs. good on you !

  2. hahaha...the person commented on this one did not know what he/she was talking about!!!!! pity!