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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 99

Thoughts: I wanted to incude a comment I recieved on one of the blogs I wrote during my Vegan week challenge.

Ian Campbell..."I was thinking about the ANIMAL Blog by Carolyn Wagner and even animals eat each other and I was thinking I would rather shoot lots of kangaroos and have a cook up for the Africans who are starving, then stuff about with the sooky crap, it is wicked to make a animal suffer and in the wild animals who kill to eat usually make a clean kill. For centuries man has been farmers and has raised animals and grown crops, I have looked in cemeteries in the UK and people then despite the lack of medicines still lived to 80 plus, war killed many of the men and infections killed those left. My grandfather lived till 90 and infection killed him too but he raised animals and grew crops, they collected their own rain water so they didnt waste it, they had a well near the house and also used that water to fill the toilet tank to flush as well. He wasn't into chemicals that much and used to give the cows salt blocks to kill off the worms, they killed alot of their own meat and was respectful to the rights of the animal as we all know Australian country people are tough but soft hearted".

Jessamy Ross... David Attenborough's "the life of mammals" "Watch this video and tell me we are not built to hunt. What an amazing feat was that persistence hunt. Man dominated that Kudu through sheer endurance with only a small spear to finish him off. We have teeth that are classic among omivorous animals..All our closest cousins (excluding gorilla) are omnivorous - and our very closest cousins the chimpanzees form hunting parties and stalk and kill their prey in an extremely brutal fashion (largely small monkeys in the trees). To get the nutrients we need - we need meat. You can't deny evolutionary biology. However it is fair to say that the way we keep animals in the modern world is cruel, irresponsible and unsustainable and I agree we were not meant to eat meat in the way we eat it today. Thus, I understand why people become vegetarian. The treatment of livestock is inhumane and you have to take a stand against the cruelty. however, dont go around saying we weren't built to eat meat, because clearly we were - and to say that we weren't is denying alot of scientific facts."

Challenges: Challenged by moderation...I seem to eat in bulk doesn't seem appropriate for supporting the earth.

Triumphs: To eat meat or not to eat meat? Should meat be included on the Earth Diet? Considering Carolyns blogs, and Ian and Jessamy's comments...

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Water with lemon juice. 4 nectarines. Chocolate with walnuts.

Lunch: Rockmelon. Chocolate balls.

Dinner: Salad with green lettuce leaves and baby spinach with avocado and lemon.

Dessert: A green apple.

Snacks: No snacks.

Exercise: A pump class at the gym.

266 Days To Go!!!

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