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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 125

Actor Erik A. Williams starts the Earth Diet tomorrow! He is ready for the challenge and to give up his life long diet of frozen and deep fried foods!

Thoughts: Actor Erik A.Williams is starring in "The Man In The Maze" and today on our way back from set he declared that he wanted to start the Earth Diet tomorrow which will be March 1st! Wow! I was so excited! To hear a human being making a stand for their life, and their health and wellbeing makes me glitter with joy! So I want to acknowledge you Erik for taking this courageous step into a new way of being...and get ready for an abundance of health...and the challenge of eating foods naturally provided to us from the Earth :) Good on you Erik! You are an inspiration :)

So I chatted with Erik about starting the Earth Diet...To watch our video interview go to....

What would you eat in your "ideal day?"
For breakfast I would eat blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Pizza for lunch. Steak for dinner. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

What did you eat today?
No breakfast. For lunch I ate chicken strips (frozen then deep fried) and french fries (fried) and a milky way (chocolate bar).

What foods have been regular in your diet?
I eat pasta, pizza, pork chops, chicken liver, fish squares, food that is frozen deep fried and quick, milk, cheese, chips, cakes, chocolates, candy and bread. When I work on a film set I eat fast foods. I have been eating like this my whole life.

What are your favourite foods?
Fried chicken and pizza.

What about fruit?
I've had one piece of fruit in the last week (a banana). If I eat more fruits my skin usually breaks out (the fruit would be detoxing all the crap out of his system). I have never had an avocado. I have had kiwi fruit probably 3 times in my life.

What about vegetables?
It's been a week since I ate vegetables.

Why do you want to do the Earth Diet?
I want to experience happiness, peace, feeling alive, vibrant, being energetic and being a powerful human being! To be honest I am scared to death about doing this Earth Diet, but I am not one to miss opportunities.

We are going to implement fruit into Eriks diet and he enjoys strawberries, pineapple, watermelon and kiwi fruit. Erik will be eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and salads to fill his body with nutrients and vitamins. His body has been starving of this for years. Even if you just change one thing a day, eat one extra piece of fruit, or a raw vegetable, into your diet you will notice a difference! We will do regular blogs so you can follow his transformation ;)

Does Erik inspire you? This is a human being that is saying here is what I have been eating my entire life, I'm not ok with it anymore, and I'm ready to experience an abundance of health, vitality, energy and inner joy and glow!

Erik is swapping his favourite fried chicken for fresh fruit, vegetables and salad.

Challenges: When I was doing Erik's interview and he was telling me the food he has been eating for his entire life, I was shocked, and thinking we are going to have to retrain his whole entire life of eating from frozen, fast and fried foods, to fresh salads, fruits, vegetables, nuts and organic meats. This may be a challenge for Erik depending on how much he is craving a healthy body, and also for me in that I am working with a person here who has been eating certain foods for so long, now what can we do to make this work?

Triumphs: I love it when another being takes on the Earth Diet because they are up for a healthy, vibrant, exciting life! Wooo go Erik!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Purple grapes. 1 nectarine. Ginger tea (I boiled ginger in water...perfect for warming the throat and killing any bacteria in your body). 1kiwi fruit.

Lunch: Cooked white beans and salad (carrot, green lettuce, celery, cucumber). 2 avocados with walnuts.

Dinnner: Raw cauliflower and 3 nectarines. I know, strange combo...but I am reading my script and writing this blog so I wanted something scrumptious and easy peasy maconeasy! wooo woo thats a dumb ryhme of mine if your wondering (its not a food!)(although maconeasy sounds like a yummy food!Hehe!).

Dessert: bed time!

Snacks: Chocolate balls with walnuts. 1 apple.

Exercise: Up at 5:20 am for hair and makeup then shooting "The Man In The Maze" in the cold Alabama woods...keepin my body warm is an exercise! Hehe!

240 days to go!!!

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