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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 126

Today I chatted with the beautiful being named Stephanie Long Lomenick who does acting and is starring in "The Man In The Maze". Stephanie is taking on the Earth Diet, by making her food from scratch and not buying food already in packages.

Thoughts: The Earth Diet really is your own creation. For me it is a lifestyle to only eat foods naturaly provided from the earth. For Stephanie she is swapping purchased packaged food to making food herself from scratch. So instead of buying cakes, corn breakds, cookies and chocolate, she is taking on making it herself!

Check out our video interview today while we were on set...we had to be quiet because they were shooting lead actor Andrew Roth's scene but we still managed to get a chat in about the Earth Diet!!!

What would your ideal day of eating look like?
I would eat ice cream all day. El fudge cookies, a Big Mac for lunch, pizza, and mexican foods.

What did you eat yesterday?
Breakfast I had a pop tart and powdered donuts, for lunch I had a bacon, tomato and lettuce sandwhich. A side salad with italian dressing. For dinner I had mexican, taco salad with chicken lettuce, sour cream and cheese. For dessert I had 2 girl scout cookies. (If Stephanie was eating only foods provided from the earth, the foods she would cut from this day would be the packaged processed foods for breakfast, the bread for her sandwhich, the italian dressing, the sour cream and cheese and the girl scout cookies. It is possible to make your own cookies and breads from scratch without chemicals and additives.)

What are your favourite foods?
Desserts! Chocolates, sweets, cakes, ice creams.

What do you think are the consequences on your for eating these types of processed foods?
I feel sluggish, I eat too much, I get allergic reactions, spots on my face and I swell up. Half the time I feel healthy, half the time I feel terrible.

How many times do you poo a day?
At least once.

What challenges will you have on the Earth Diet?
Availability of fresh organic foods here in Florence, Alabama. Me being consistent. I don't like limitations, if I know I can't have something I want it more. Cooking for my husband. I always compare myself with other people. Sabatoging myself.

Why do you want to do the Earth Diet?
To feel better, to feel alive, so I'm no just surviving I'm actually living, to be present, better skin, body and mind.

What are you going to do now?
I'm going to make my food from scratch, chocolate from scratch, no reheating in the microwave, I will make cornbread from scratch, I will buy dried beans and cook them instead of canned beans.

"People think that healthy equals suffering".

Challenges: No food related challenge today...filming in the frezing Alabama woods in a singlet was ahhh challenging and also a good opportunity to connect with the Earth when I was laying on the ground in the scene :)

Triumphs: Wooo I am so excited and inspired by Stephanie for taking on the Earth Diet and love the commitment she has to herself, her health and body :)

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 2 nectarines. A pear. A kiwi fruit.

Lunch: Cooked white beans. Salad with lettuce and cucumber and carrot. An orange. A kiwi fruit. A apple.

Dinnner: Indian...back beans with chilli and Indian spices and rice with tomato and spice :)

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: 2 avocados. A nectarine. Chocolate balls (2 times!!!)

Exercise: Filming "The Man In The Maze" out in the cold Alabama woods...keping my body warm feels like a workout!! hehe

239 days to go!!!

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