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Friday, August 1, 2014

The most delicious screen shot

Started Checkout this screen shot of the earth diet Instagram right now! Haha! Amazing collection of earths food and most nutrient rich ingredients. 

Today with the Earth Diet, team and I worked on developing the new website, the health coaching system, and of course the book launch. 

Started the day with another big breakfast yum this was so fulfilling for me in this particular morning; jasmine and green tea, lime water, organic peanut butter on organic spelt bread, avocado toast with real salt and pepper. Oh yeah!!! 

Also went ice cream crazy today, had Chocolate Ice Cream made with coconut milk and Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream made with almond milk. 

So many recipes, all the base recipes in the new Earth Diet book, including ice cream and you can create variations of them with chocolate chip, peanut butter swirl, cookie dough ice cream oh yum. 

This blog would have been on the last day of July 31st and said 11:59, but was slow to load and published at midnight so now it's Friday August 1st!!! And just went from 89 days to book launch, to 88 days book launch! Oh boy! 

Im so present to how Every day really counts. Each day matters in its fullness!

Good night, another day of nourishment and exciting foods to eat tomorrow. And detox foods and drinks too. 

Remember to check out the Detox Summit that's happening now too! It's free to listen to over 30 expert speakers! 

Love Liana 

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