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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Festival Food

Today I went to Hemp Heals Music Festival in Philadelphia! Hemp as in hemp products like hemp seeds which are in some of my recipes. I love hemp seeds because they are so light, and so high in omegas therefore super nourishing for the brain, and also very high in protein. When you are craving fried foods like burgers and fries etc you could eat 1/4 cup hemp seeds and then feel the nourishment go straight to your brain. 

I started the day with hydrating with lots of water, and watermelon! 

Then some friends picked me up, including Carissa the co-founder of Love Grace Juice! So we went to their juice factory and office, check out what was in their office! This amazing photo of nature, and haha it looks like I was actually there. 

In the same factory building is this new vegan ice cream company called Alchemist Creamery! Wow you know ice cream lovers.... This is worth trying! These push pops were mind blowing! 

On the way from NYC to Philadelphia we had much nourishment from these superfood snacks ... 

This is the Chocolate Smoothie from Love Grace...

The Purify juice. 

The longevity tonic! This is so refreshing! 

We had some natural energy shots by IAM Creations. 

This is watermelon, lemon, ginger and hibiscus. 

This ginger bomb is super charging intense! Amazing! Ginger, orange, lemon, oil of oregano. 

Had plenty of hemp seeds! Thank you Manitoba hemp harvest! 

I tried a hemp dog on a hemp bun! Yum. 

Left the festival for some vegan food, had some sweet potato fries. 

On the drive home I also had some raw chocolate!

87 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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