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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to be healthy at Disney World

Today I was welcomed by Disney World to experience their park and write a review on the healthiest aspects, and where there is room for improvement.

Before anything, here is a quick list to print out and take with you to Disney, so you can be healthy and ensure your energy levels are high throughout the days of adventuring:

1. Instead of french fries you can order apple slices!
2. There are vegetarian options at all of the Disney parks including hummus and edame at Animal Kingdom. Also at Animal Kingdon is a restaurant where you can get spit roast - for the meat eaters - who want a cleaner meat rather than fried food.
3. Epcot park is for sure Disney's healthiest park! They do hydroponics where you can actually take a tour and see all the fruits, vegetables and herbs they grow - which they then use in their restaurants and cafes. Epic. Take the Living in The Land tour they are all about higher yielding and better quality plants. They also focus on plants and crops that survive in salt water which is more sustainable for our day and age. Also they enrich the soil without the use of chemicals. They use natural pesticides like lady bugs. The idea of Epcot is to show people how we can live a sustainable future in conjunction with the tech world.
4. If you are a chocolate lover like me take some raw chocolate with you - they don't have that yet! But they do have fruits.

I started the day with raw chocolate on a road trip from Miami beach to Orlando. Was such a great drive especially in a convertible with fresh air and sunshine, plus I found out it was about to be Florida's hottest day of the year.

When we arrived at the park I made my first purchase, this Go Healthy Snack - clementines.

We started with the Epcot park. 

We went on the Living With The Land tour where they showed us how they make hydroponic fruits and vegetables at the park - plus they use some of them in the restaurants! I was very impressed. 

Cacao trees. 

These are also available at Magic Kingdom! 

Next we went to Animal Kingdom.

69 days to book launch!

Love Liana

P.S Special thanks to Jason at Living In The Land, Patrick and Robert at Animal Kingdom.

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