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Monday, August 4, 2014

Such a delicious day!

I started the day with oil pulling using sesame seed oil. Then I went for a walk to the post office to send me Aunty and Mum a gift. It was my Auntys birthday, and my Mum is working on healing her depression. So I put together these care packages for them:
For my Aunty. 

For my mum. 

Then I had a huge glass of alkaline water with some fresh lime squeeZed into it. 

Then for lunch I made this super loaded smoothie with my favorite ingredients: cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, maca, raw chocolate and water! It's so so so fulfilling. 

Then I had quite a few Skype calls with the new Earth Diet Health Coaches! Excited to announce them soon! 

I took my friends dog for a long walk. And then I did 45 minutes of stretching outside in the garden. 

Then I picked my dinner! Got here kale, chives and basil! Wow so vibrant. 

Then a friend stir fried this with other vegetables from the garden; zucchini, tomatoes with carrots and garlic. Yum then we added brown rice pasta. What a feast. 

I had seconds! So good. I love how this pasta is gluten free as its made with brown rice! Incredible invention! 

For dessert I had this amazing ice cream pop! Made with cashews and infused with lavender from the garden! Incredibly healing! The cashew ice cream is a recipe in my new book, and the lavender is one of the many variations to make any flavored ice cream you want! 

Worked some more hours like a busy bee, and then this midnight snack happened:

Got this amazing thank you card from Southold School children today! So sweet! I appreciate the love and acknowledgement it keeps me going!

85 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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