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Friday, August 15, 2014

Organic Avenue & Pure Food and Wine

Started day with Phresh Greens. 

For breakfast went to Organic Avenue for organic orange juice, lemon shot and vegan brownies. 

Went to NY Hair Co - organic and sustainable hair salon.

For late lunch went to Pure Food and Wine for huge green salad. 

Then had plant based ice cream sundae. Divine. 

In great company with Amanda and Noah the Raw Chocolate Man! 

In the evening I started travels with this 1.5 pound case of raw chocolate - avocado pistachio! 

12 bars! Will be taking these with me to Florida next week. My travel necessities; raw chocolate and Phresh Greens. 

For dinner I ate an a great seafood place by the water in New Jersey. I had edamame, seaweed salad and lobster. I brought my own organic real salt.

73 days to book launch. 

Love Liana! 

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