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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday eating

Started the day with this watermelon smoothie. So refreshing. Just watermelon in the blender. 

Spent the afternoon out at sea! Amazing. Florida ocean, this is Ft Lauderdale.  

Drank lots of water. On the boat with Lorena. 

My afternoon snack was raw chocolate by the poolside. See that cut on my right knee... I did that on the boat. And it healed so quickly! That's a good sign my immune system is strong. 

For my first dinner I had fresh ground peanut butter on organic bread baked at Wholefoods. With green tea.

Then went shopping at Ft Lauderdale Wholefoods.

This is $117 worth of organic ingredients: coconut, bananas, zucchinis, lemon, avocado, lime, kiwi fruit, avocados, nectarines, potatoes, yucca, cantaloupe/rock melon, Amy's organic dinners Thai and Indian, rice dream (rice milk) ice cream, kombucha, spinach, coconut water, organic sausages, chips and Mahi-Mahi! 

Then I ate a nectarine - it was divine. Next I had an organic chicken apple sausage - so good! 

Love Liana 

65 days to book launch! 

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