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Friday, August 29, 2014

Eating clean protein

Here is my food log for yesterday. And today's is below. 

For breakfast I had organic cereal with almond milk. (Nature's Path cereal)

At lunch break I went to the beach! Paradise! Ft Lauderale! I did my hourly exercise which included running, walking, stretching and swimming. Such bliss and very grateful. 

After that I was craving carbs so made a medium potato cooked in herbs. With organic ketchup. So good. And with some lettuce squeezed with lime juice to balance it out and assist with digestion. 

For afternoon snack I had rice, and pasta and cucumber from the Wholefoods buffet. One of my favorite places to shop. 

I ate dessert before dinner this divine raw lime pie! Vegan! Hail Merrys is the brand. 

Then I had some coconut meat! Purity. Love it. 

Dinner was this Mahi-Mahi with spinach and lemon juice. And a glass of red wine from France. 

The next day I started with this breakfast: yep ice cream haha! But made with rice milk so it's plant based and also high in protein. Covered in nuts and chocolate.  

I also ate more coconut, and drank Phresh greens today. Lots of water too! I did a sauna and also an hour of yoga and stretching. 

For dinner I just ate a small piece of Mahi-Mahi fish in an organic spinach wrap with avocado and lentil chips (for crunch). Now I will make a lavender chamomile tea. 

Check out where my sister is! In ICE LAND! I gave her this raw chocolate bar to take on her travels and she found a famous world monument to enjoy it by. 

Today I got booked for the Hay House world summit which is happening next May and June! Exciting. 

60 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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