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Friday, August 8, 2014

Day of eating before NYC speaking event

Started the day with a blueberry smoothie. Women's Health on Instagram declared it a blueberry smoothie week - so be it! This one has blueberries, water, hazelnut butter, cacao powder and maca powder. 

3 beautiful squash from the garden! The fruits of my labor! :) rewarding! 

Had home fries for lunch with real salt and pepper. Some people are afraid of potatoes, remember they are grounding, high in vitamin c and perfect for a healthy lifestyle on a budget. 

An hour after potatoes I had this refreshing green juice! 

Second smoothie of the day! 
Picked these herbs from the garden for dinner! Basil, parsley, cilantro and thyme! That's some kale there too! 

Made vegan Mac n cheese! Made with 4 ingredients: brown rice pasta, nutritional yeast, salt and water! Gluten free too! Amazing!

Had IAM Sleepy energy shot! 

Such a full on day getting prepared for the Seed Experience! Here is a sneak peak to the free gift the attendees are getting! ;)

81 days to book launch! 

Good night! 
Love Liana 

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