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Thursday, August 14, 2014

High protein day of eating

Today... 74 days to go to book launch! 

I started the day with a sunrise at Jersey Shore, NJ. I did an hour of running, walking, exercising, stretching, yoga. 

Then I had a Phresh Greens.

20 minutes later I had a hot green tea and a huge plate of cantaloupe/ rock melon! Yum it was so sweet and crisp, soft in the good parts! :) 

Taking a flight with Dwight across to Long Island. They are holding a case of Coconut Raw Chocolate bars! His favorite flavor. 

Happy in the sunshine. 

Take off! With an almond butter cup! Yum love these high protein meals. 

Always taking raw chocolate protein bars with me everywhere... Whenever possiblen haha! Flying over the ocean right by NJ, Long Island and NYC beautiful. 

In NYC. Green Tea and raw chocolate. An empowering quote from Oprah. Remember to request organic teas and coffee at Starbucks and coffe shops so they understand you prefer organic :) 

Had some meetings and hours later went to meet Raw Chocolate Man at Westerly Market. I found this amazing Rice Milk Chocolate Ice Cream covered in nuts! Amazing!!!!! Brand is "Rice Dream". This ice cream blew my mind. First timing trying this flavor. High in protein, but light feeling protein. 

Amazing advertisement on the street! Love it. On the way to Bareburger. 

Organic blueberry soda and organic beer at Bareburger.

Organic free range burger and fries. @bareburger 

Evening up high! :) 

Organic red wine and coconut raw chocolate. 

Dinner was PROTEIN for people who crave heavier fuller proteins you will love this; creamy rice (water and rice) with peppers (capsicum), eggplant and steak pieces from organic sustainable beef from Whole Foods. Added some paprika, garlic, sage, parsley and basil too! With some fresh raw greens to top it off. 

Amazing. High protein day. 

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