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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Holiday food

Started the day with breakfast in bed - greens drink! I am using Phresh Greens in water. I always travel with this product so I can have greens wherever I am. 

My second breakfast was this raw chocolate almond butter cup. So grateful to be on the beach. 

I am at Jersey Shore - New Jersey. I was a little nervous that I would not find organic food while here for a few days! And phew when I googled health food stores I found Dean's Natural Health Market! I get so excited to check out organic stores that I haven't been too yet! And here is what I got organic cherries, green tea, organic pizza, classic cream cookies by Back To Nature, organic toothpaste, chocolate peanut butter ice cream (coconut milk), coconut milk ice creams with chocolate coating, alkaline water, raw chocolate and organic candy snakes. 

Enjoyed some ice cream for lunch. 

For dinner I chose to go out and enjoy some family and friends. I also knew their place of choice served Gmo food, but I chose to be around the company rather than not go. I made the most of it and had a garden salad...

A seaweed salad...

And fish and chips. Now this meal is totally Gmo, except for the broccoli. I usually don't eat like this however I didn't want to make the people I was dining with uncomfortable so I really did enjoy it. I know tomorrow morning I will do grounding, yoga and swim in the ocean to balance out these toxins. Making it work! 

79 days to book launch!

Love Liana

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