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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eat antioxidants for energy

Started the day with big glass of water.

Then had this organic chicken sausage with organic ketchup. 

Then I had a grilled zuchinni.

Drank lots of water because then I went to the beach. Florida is paradise I am so grateful for this weather.

I went and got some waxing done today. I usually shave but lately am drawn to waxing and the smooth feeling after. When I was leaving the waxing place wanted me to buy some cream to ensure no ingrown hairs and to keep my skin smooth. Although I looked at the ingredients and realized I could make my own, minus the chemicals and preservatives. The basic base for it was aloe, tea tree and lavender. 

Later in the afternoon I was craving some icecream so I went shopping at the Fresh Market in Ft Lauderdale. I got this coconut milk ice cream sandwich yum thanks to So Delicious. 

For dinner I had cherries and raspberries! Mmm so divine! Natures candy! I was feeling a little sleepy before eating them and then after I was energized from all the antioxidants! 

At night I went for a swim and did some yoga in this penthouse pool! So awesome! Except the water is chlorine - not ideal - but that's what we have bentonite clay for! :) to absorb those chemicals. 

59 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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