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Friday, December 7, 2012

DAY 7 Food Journal

Friday 7th December in New York...
Woke up 7:30 am 
First: Spent the morning with Roxxe in NYC
We had peppermint tea, and then lemon water and then Rockin Wellness with HEMP MILK 
lemon water

Next: and a shot of Aloe Vera, and a few drops of oregano oil. 

Next: Then I met up with Meghan and we went to SPA CASTLE !!! A castle of SAUNAS and SPAS $35 for one day, stay as long as you want! We were there for 4 hours mmm yeah! I was attracted to the HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT SAUNA and the JADE SAUNA :) body is going through a SUPER CLEANSE. 
Left is the colour infrared sauna
Center is the GOLD SAUNA
Right is the JADE SAUNA
On the top of SPA CASTLE! It is out doors :)
all year round!
Next: We ate there a salad I got from ORGANIC AVENUE in Manhattan with kale, spinach, parsley, greens and a lemon vinaigrette dressing ! 
we ate and then kept sauna-rn' ;) :))) 
Next: Every hour today I seemed to have taken drops of SUPER FOODS like Astragalus and Mangosteen and Oil of Oregano . Epic Also drank a lot of clean water, bottled water of choice when out: FIJI WATER and then ALKALINE WATER when I got home ! :) 
Next: Then I had many cups of green tea, at least 5  :) 
Next: and another Rockin Wellness shake with HEMP MILK ! 
Ingredients: Hemp Seeds,
Vanilla Bean Extract,
 Rockin Wellness
(Cacao Superfood Drink)
Next: another YEP SHAKE AS ABOVE! :) 
Next: 3 packets of SEA SNAX !!! Seaweed roasted in olive oil with sea salt and chipotle spice !!! mmm delicious minerals ! 
Sleep by midnight. 
Everything consumed is from living The Earth Diet lifestyle ... aka eating from EARTH !!! 
Today I absorbed a lot of ANTI OXIDANTS !!! a lot of liquids for my body to receive cellular nutrition. Intention: BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM along with many more ! 
I realize now looking back at today that I ATE a lot / consumed a lot / absorbed A LOT of nutrients BUT it wasn't like uuurghhhh i am eating so much it was more like YUMMM THIS IS AWESOME SO YUM such nutrient dense foods that TASTE SO GOOD and are providing my body with so much energy and LIFE and NOURISHMENT . so nice . 
Everything I consumed today was RAW & LIVING & vegan except for the teas because they are heated mmm such calming elements :) oh and the sea weed roasted! 
Exercise: STRETCHING in the sauna :) at night moving, talking, walking with friends yeah! 
Recipes all AVAILABLE FREE on or DOWNLOAD the EBOOK now $15 for over 67 recipes for PROPER NUTRITION! Lose weight, feel good, look good, maintain strong bones, cleanse the liver, have clear skin, be free of addiction.

Rockin Wellness
Chia Seeds
Almond Milk


at the WATER WELL in HUNTINGTON in New York!

NEXT RAW FOOD CLASSES in New York and Australia in 2013.

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