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Saturday, December 29, 2012


DAY 29
Food Journal...

In Costa Rica...

Hey guys, no blog yesterday.... ! Yesterday was so fun... took a 4 hour taxi ride from San Jose to Dominical and am staying right on the beach ! It is so warm... and the sand here is dark brown/black... perhaps because of the volcano! The water feels so refreshing and alkalizing and full of minerals! BODY HAPPY! Yesterday I had fresh local fish and a mango smoothie! and macadamia nuts! I am loving the abundance of fresh fruit here :)

Today went surfing in Dominical ! 

Morning: Water with lime juice

Next: Brazil Nuts

Next: A strawberry and blueberry smoothie! with a touch of water

Next: Pistachios

Next: A star fruit, pineapple and papaya smoothie!

Next: went out for sushi in Dominical, had green tea, Raw salmon, soup, avocado sushi rolls.

Next: Raw chocolate brownies ! cacao, cashews and honey! 3 ingredients... UHHH SIMPLE YUM.

Next: one orange

Next: walnuts

Here is what I love almost most about Costa Rica : the FRESH CACAO that grows here! Because this is what I can do with it.... ahhh mmm YUM!

The Earth Diet CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS available at 4 locations in New York.

"Fresh Cacao in the first ten minutes of being in Costa Rica with Magicando Producciones"
Noah Loin Creative Director of Rock'n Raw Chocolates


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