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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


DAY 12 

In New York...

Everything I consumed is produced by EARTH as NATURALLY as possible... aka The Earth Diet recipes.

Morning: Phresh green drink (kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli...)

Then I did a bentonite clay mask (natures botox! Draws all toxins from skin!)

Next: 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay in water - draws toxins from body !

Next: Rockin Wellness Superfood shake with hemp milk

Next: Ginger Tea

Next: Green Juice from Organic Corner. (kale, spinach, green apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, parsley)

Next: 'Reeces Pieces' SMOOTHIE from Organic Corner (organic bananas, maple syrup, cacao, peanut butter, almond milk)

Dranks loads of water in between.

Next: Quinoa from last nights dinner! with peas and nutritional yeast, cilantro, avocado and coconut ! so yum !

I consumed A LOT of NUTRIENTS today, vitamin E, vitamin C,
! Skin is glowing as a result of all these superfoods and natural lifestyle :)

I also visited DR TOM today !!! From NORTH ISLES WELLNESS CENTER !!! he gave me an adjustment, cracked my neck and back, and did NUTRITIONAL TESTING ! Feeling so good ! The last time I did nutritional testing with him was 3 months ago, and at that time I had chlorine toxicity in my body, so he gave me plant based supplements and then we got a shower filter! Today that chlorine showed it is out of my system woohoo!!! Today my body showed it wants EXTRA NUTRIENTS for the THYROID so I will be working on that for the next 2 months :)  Here is a video of Dr Tom and I from Navel Expo (next one is MAY 2013 in NY - I will be there).....

If you are looking for any of these recipes they are FREE online at OR get your copy of THE EARTH DIET BOOK !!! $15 for EBOOK and is available for DOWNLOAD NOW:

I felt so great and cleansed yesterday after drinking water with cayenne pepper !!!! No wonder... check out the benefits...

FREE RECIPES that use CAYENNE are on

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