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Monday, December 23, 2013

My gift to Jay Leno!

Jay Leno is a great man who makes a lot of people laugh! If I could give a gift to Jay Leno before Christmas, this is what I would give him: I would write down two recipes on a card. He could use them everyday for the rest of his life. They would be,

Green Juice
1 green apple
2 cucumbers
3 celery sticks

Beet Juice
1 small beet
2 red apples
3 carrots

How cool is that? Sometimes introducing someone to juicing for the first time can be like giving them a present that they never forget! I love people's faces the first time they have a juice, like they were introduced to this whole new world of new energy and fulfillment of life!!!

The MAIN REASON TO JUICE: For instant cellular nutrition, it's very important we get high doses of nutrition daily and this is a fast way to get that.

Did you have your juice today? Remember juice can be as simple as squeezing an orange and lemon into a cup!

Happy giving and receiving everyone,

Love Liana

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