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Monday, December 9, 2013

323 days to book launch!

Hey guys! Here is a conversation I had with a friend today, about what we can do to cleanse from radio activity, heavy metals, toxins and parasites!

I was so excited to hear my friend Jill who is the founder of Models Do Eat moved to NYC! Which means we can hang out more and eat together at Pure Food and Wine! I love Jill because she's a model and a healthy one! And she shares healthy recipes and tips on her Facebook page. This is Jill and I with the founder of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck! Here is an article about why I LOVE Pure Food and Wine so much!

Jill and I with Sarma the owner of Pure Food and Wine. We were so excited to meet her! The genius woman behind one of the world's most known raw food restaurants. 
So back to today, I text Jill that I am currently in California and loving it! She reminded me about the radio activity here from the power plants and how it's not good to live near them. 

She wrote: Radio activity = highly cancerous babe... But use your intuition! 

I replied... Yes I know... NYC has fracking and other heavy metals... It's where ever we are on the planet... I drink lots of clay to absorb the heavy metals. My friends father was successful in closing down the power plant in San Onofre! And that's his mission lol to shut them all down! :))) he is awesome! 

Jill was excited to hear the clay could do that! 

Redmond is the brand I recommend if you live in USA. It comes from Utah. I always recommend you source local so if you are in Australia there is a company called Australian Healing Clay who sell it. It is available on my website and on amazon. I invite you all to get it, it's a great investment and a tub is $10-$30. Drink it daily, just 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of water. I figure we absorb so many toxins from the current environment that we may as well take care of it by drinking clay which will absorb the toxins. It just makes sense.

For USA shopping:
For Australian shopping:
For rest of the world shopping:

Here is a simple recipe about how to make it: 

And some more benefits:

They also make great gifts! I'm giving one to my friend Sanusi for Christmas! ;) 

Happy in health with you! 

Love Liana 

Jill took this photo of me enjoying food in bliss. 
Great memories.

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