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Monday, December 9, 2013

324 days to book launch!

Today's blog is about the Guides that are in the new Earth Diet book! In the book I wanted to include Guides based off peoples most common requests:

1. How can I lose weight?
2. How can I get clear skin? and clear up my acne? psoriasis? eczema? 
3. What recipes can I eat that are high in protein?
4. How can I boost my immune system and feel better? How can I heal my disease/cancer?
5. How can I eat desserts everyday and make it work? 

So they are the GUIDES I created for 7 days.  

1. Weight Loss Guide
2. Clear Skin Guide 
3. High Protein Guide
4. Boost Immunity Guide
5. Eat Dessert Everyday Guide 

In 324 days the new Earth Diet book will be released! 

Today was awesome, I went surfing in San Monofre at the Point for 2 hours! It was cold but the sun was out and I had a full wet suit! Head cap and all ;) The locals were very nice too! I was surfing an excellent yellow long board :) We were joined by a Sea Lion! I have surfed with dolphins and sting rays, but this was my first time with a Sea Lion! He hung around for a while, and at one point I said to my mate Nate "Where is the sea lion?" and he popped his head right up!!! HAHA it was so funny!

After surfing we had a Pomegranate (from Nate's garden) and Pineapple Juice and then a delicious Egg Omelet with tomatoes, onion and chard also from the garden! It was divine, fresh and fulfilling. 

Fresh is best!

Love Liana

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