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Monday, December 2, 2013

330 days to book launch!

Today's blog includes what I ate and did. I had a meeting about the Earth Diet Personalized Programs with Emily who is one of the mentors. January 2nd will be the very first online q&a, free for all people participating in the programs (downloadable and personalized programs). We are excited! You will be able to join us live on air and ask questions and join in on the conversation. 

Today in our meeting we discussed how the people who commit to the Earth Diet for 365 days have life changing results that stick. Which is why we want to do this online coaching each month. The people who want a quick fad or to drop a lot of weight in a month, or people who eat junk foods and want to go cold turkey raw for a month have a much harder time. I really see the importance of making this a lifestyle choice... For good.  

I started my morning with a Chocolate nut berry smoothie! Then I had a Ginger tea. Then I did an hour of yoga which was just what my body needed. 

For lunch I met with Emily for our meeting at the Gardens, a cute cafe in Fairfield. I had the Turkey wrap with avocado. I also had a earl grey tea with Noah's Raw Avocado Pistachio Bar. Delicious! 

Later I had a big glass of diatomaceous earth, a grapefruit and then went to the sauna and pool where I swam laps for 10 minutes. The pool has less chlorine, the locals requested some kind of filter so they use less chemicals. I do feel some chlorine on my skin though, so tomorrow I will drink a bentonite clay to absorb those toxins. 

For dinner I had rice pasta (gluten free) with a peanut sauce and vegetables: broccoli, bok choy, beans and sweet potatoes with some chicken, all organic.

For dessert I made one of my favorite recipes, the Classic Cheesecake! Yum! 

Today was Cyber Monday! so we offered a sale for the ebook 40% off! and people were excited so we are going to run a cyber week with discounts galore! Since its the holiday season and we all feel like giving.  

Noah is also offering 10% discount off all his chocolates including the Earth Diet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Butter Cups!!!  

I also got to speak to Howard Hoffman the CEO of Phresh Products, the maker of Phresh Greens, he is always full of energy so it's great to connect with him! His greens are helping a lot of people get nutrition while traveling or on-the-go. 

Happy holidays everyone! 

Love Liana 

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