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Sunday, December 1, 2013

331 days to book launch!

Today's blog is about the recipes in the new book that are HIGH in PROTEIN! 

Hey everyone! I am working on final stages of the 2014 Earth Diet manuscript as you know, so today I looked at the recipes in the book that are highest in protein. A lot of people ask about how to get protein while living the Earth Diet lifestyle. A lot of my recipes are packed with protein for both the vegan recipes and meat eaters. 

Here they are, they are calculated for single servings. (Calculations are based off Nutrition Analyst Laura Lipari who also has a degree in math and calculated earth diet recipes in the new book.) 

Highest protein recipes for meat eaters: 
1. Roast chicken 41.5g 
2. Chicken nuggets 36g
3. Honey rosemary chicken 35g 
4. Burgers 30g 
5. Fish and chips 27g and Simple sage fish 27g 
6. Beef stir fry 26g 
7. Caramel shrimp 23g 
8. Beef burritos 22g 
9. Baked crusted salmon 
10. Baked lamb chops 15.5g 
11. Omelet 14g 

Highest protein recipe for Raw vegan: 
1. Superfood kale salad 29g 
2. Protein Powder (pumpkin seeds) 17g
3. Raw pizza 15g 
4. Zucchini pasta pesto 12g 
5. Breakfast cereal 11.3 
6. Raw crackers 10g 
7. Raw lasagne 9g
8. Raw burgers 
9. Cashew cheese 

Cooked vegan recipes highest in protein: 
1. Lentil soup 20.4 
2. Hummus 17g 
3. Mac n cheese 15g 
4. Bean burgers 13g 
5. Cumin quinoa 13g 
6. Vegan curry 13g 
7. Pasta primavera 11g 
8. Mushroom soup 9.5 
9. Cauliflower popcorn 9g 
10. Vegan soup9g 
11. Turmeric rice 8g 
12. French fries 7g

Desserts highest in protein: 
1. Apple crumble 14
2. Cookie dough 10 
3. Cheesecake 7 
4. Chocolate peanut butter cup 2g per cup 
5. Chocolate balls and brownies! 

So excited to hold this book in my hands! Writing this blog has me salivating about food! Isn't it amazing how we can pack our foods with protein and make them taste delicious?! 

Love Liana 

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