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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meat eaters who are also vegan

Last night at a food party I noticed how my friends and I are all meat eaters, yet everything we served and ate was raw and vegan. 

Straight up raw cauliflower for a great snack! 
Superfood kale salad with grated carrot and beet for some vibrant colour! 

What works for me is a 70% raw vegan lifestyle, 20% cooked vegan and 10% meat eaters. Living this way has had me experience more energy, I've lost excess weight, my digestive system is working well and I feel better. It's all about finding what works for our own selves! 

Emily Rose Shaw who is a mentor for the Earth Diet Personalized Programs was amongst the group and we discussed hate mail from vegans who do not approve that I share meat recipes. It's very important we remember not to judge or condemn anyone for everyone is at different stages and we are all a team on earth together. Its not that I am encouraging people to eat meat, but I do provide recipes for EVERY type of eater. No one gets left behind. I have found that when people start living the Earth Diet lifestyle they naturally start to live a more plant based lifestyle. 

My tip to meat eaters: eat more raw foods!

My tip to vegans: don't condemn meat eaters, focus on your own lifestyle. If you aren't supporting the meat industry that must make you feel proud. You can also inspire and "convert" others around you especially at family gatherings when you bring a huge tray of cookie dough balls ;) no eggs! Purely vegan! Don't be haters. 

Love Liana 

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