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Friday, December 6, 2013

326 days to book launch!

Today I made mascara! It is a recipe for the new book that comes out in 326 days from now!

I love that we can make all of our own recipes from skincare, make up, household and food! And when we don't want to make it, or don't have enough time to make it, there are more and more companies emerging that are using natural plant based ingredients! Thank goodness!

The mascara I made today was out of beeswax (I went to Wholefoods and bought a beeswax candle), coconut oil, aloe gel and activated charcoal! This is what mascara was made from in the very beginning, back in Ancient Egypt, and then along the way companies started to produce it and add chemicals. Why did these companies add chemicals? One to preserve it, and two it is cheaper so as a business they make more money. I can see how that makes sense, although now we are learning that all these chemicals are having a dangerous affect on our body!

I wil always choose cleaner plant based products than chemical products. Some people are skeptical of natural products, so I invite them to do a week of consuming chemicals like eating GMO'S, lots of processed foods, fast foods, putting chemical lotions on the body etc and see how you feel. Then do a week of clean living, aka the Earth Diet lifestyle! And see how you feel! I am confident you will experience a major difference! I have designed 4 different programs so far, you can purchase a 7 day program for less than $10! I recommend trying the Nourishment Program or the Liquid Cleanse Program. The Weight Loss Program is also very popular as people have great results with it.

It does not take a college degree to know that living plants that have their nutrition in tact provide us with more energy and nourishment.

If I am not using my own mascara that I have made, I purchase from ADORN. They don't sponsor or pay me to say this (yet! haha just kidding), and I choose to use their products because I could literally eat them. They are clean, use plant based ingredients, they are vegan and animal cruelty free. Oh plus they are made in good ol Australia AND they have a FULL range of cosmetics from lip gloss to bronzer, mascara and even natural eye lash extensions.

This is Briony the founder of ADORN. You can see how natural the makeup is. It is designed to bring out our already beautiful features!

This is me wearing ADORN for a photoshoot in NYC. Photo by Dean Foggel.

See there really is no reason for us to use chemical anything anymore!

Welcome to a cleaner healthier earth - this is what I would love to tell young children! Which reminds me I will be visiting schools next year and speaking to children about how they can live a powerful natural life they love!

I love earth very much. Good night from California!

My morning started with sunshine and a fresh coconut!

My day ended with Raw Cookie Dough Balls! Recipe in the NEW BOOK! 

Love Liana

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