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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 62

Buy free range lettuce.

Thoughts: My fellow universal earth child friend (hehe) Jonathan Stone sent me a text message today "Has your sense of reality and spirituality changed? (since the Earth Diet) are you able to feel and see canges in energy?". I wrote back "Yes, and I have to say that the question is amazing and you are a very enlightened being having asked that. I feel more connected to me, my temple is now clean, my body is showing heath beause thats who i am, my self expression is health and so all the chemicals and additives and trace of processing machines are being stripped out of my body." He wrote back "Has your vibrational energy for manifesting things increased?". I wrote "Yes things are flowing with ease and grace". Funny how food can really impact ones life. We are what we eat. If we eat chemicals, we become a walking chemical, craving more chemicals.

And the next day Jonathan sent me another text "Decided to go organic for 1 month. I'm going to feel awesome. Lol". After a month I will write a blog about Jonathan and his organic adventures! See for yourself the dfference it makes in your life.

Challenges: Patience. I know my body is still adjusting to the new Earth Diet, and my processed, chemical body is dying everyday. Every moment. I just want my body to be real. Like me. Real foods make a real outside. I was puffy and had fat wobblies on my body. Those aren't me. Those are preservatives and chemicals and process machines.

It's weird that they put lettuce in plastic. It's like its wrapped up, being contained, like chicken in a cage. Buy free range lettuce if you can, just as it is. Avoid foods that have been packaged. The less human touch the better!

Triumphs: I love enjoying such wholesome healthy foods. Like actually enjoy eating them. I love it when the chia seeds get stuck behind my teeth and my tongue has to work at getting them out and they feel like soft tadpoles in my mouth. Clear on the outside and crunchy seed it the middle. That's what they felt like.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Juice, beetroot, ginger, carrot, apple and celery.

Lunch: Chocolate balls, walnuts and goji berries.

Dinner: Salad with green lettuce, advocado, spinach, olive oil and chia seeds and lemon.

Dessert: Chocolate balls.

Dessert: 4 nectarines!!! how many nectarines in a day can you eat? Oh god now I'm promoting consumerism! Heheh!

Snacks: no snacks.

Exercise: A little skateboard and walk in Surfers Paradise!!!

303 Days To Go!!!

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