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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 46

Thoughts: Day 3 in India! wow wow wow! I love Indiaaaa! I am in Raxman Jhula, right under the mountains and next to a river! Yogis here... I may even meet someone else who wears lemon as deoderant! Lots of white skins here, mostly from Europe, met some Aussies here from Byron Bay, lots of Israelis here too! Mostly people that love to chill, go barefoot, do yoga and smoke are here. It's very cheap to live, you get a huge meal for under $1. And I just saw a notice looking for volunteers to spend their time with impoverished children at the schools by drawing with them, teaching them computing skills, music, sport! If you are interested send an email to would be quite an extraordinary experience, and think of the lives you would be impacting. Yes I am talking myself into it! hahaaa! I would love to educate them on the environmental issues. I read in the Hindustan Times that India ranks 7th on the list of countries likely to suffer from weather changes linked to global warming. The report said that 3255 people died in India between 1990 and 2009 because of extreme weather conditions. Yesterday when we were driving I handed the water bottle to Wikki and he drank the rest and then threw the bottle out of the window! I was like whaaaaa? I explained to him that I couldn't believe he just did that because we throw ours out in the bin, I could never throw it out on ground! Although when I was a kid and uneducated on respecting the earth and pollution I would have done so. He explained to me that it didn't really matter and that even if he put it in the bin it would have ended up on the ground anyways.

India is amazing for appreciating. When I am here I look around and see how hard the people work, how cheap everything is, and it makes me appreciate everything, back to basics, simpleness, like waking up in the morning, thankyou! having eyes to see, thankyou! having legs to walk me around to see beautiful things, thankyou! having a whole body, thankyou! having great health, thankyou! having healthy nutritious food, thankyou! I find if I get so caught up in the "game" of life, stressed or worried about failing or whatever it is, it's so refreshing to come to countries like these where they do appreciate simpleness.

Oh and we kept driving past all these circle mud cake looking things on the side of the road and so I asked Wikki what they were and he said cow poo! And the people here get the cow poo, then dry them out, and once they are dry they use them for cooking, for the fires! Talk about being recyclable! Cool!

Challenges: I miss my chocolate balls. Today I thought about them and was like mmmmm and then thought well I can't have them for a week so I got them outta my head! haha! Ate goji's instead! Also I have been eating more rice than usual, at home I eat more raw fruits and veggies, and I am trying to eat less of that here because they say my body is not immune to the water and bacteria. So rice is my filler, and it's making me feel a little slower than usual. Oh and the Buddah cafe had a big fat slice of chocolate cake that my body craved for a few minutes! heheee! So had carrot and ginger juice instead! I suppose it's the thoughts that come up like "Oh im in a different country I should experience all the foods (even though Chocolate cake is everywhere)" or "it's to hard to do the Earth Diet in another country". It's these kinds of thoughts I am watching out for, they trick me! Don't worry self is stronger, totally on the Earth Diet and enjoying India fully!

Triumphs: 320 days to go!!! I write at the end of my blogs how many days left, and the thing is I am not counting down, I was at the start because I was like ok sweet in 350 days I can have Nando's again, and I can have chocolate frogs again and lolly snakes. And now I look at it as a lifestyle and that I could never, nor want to go back to eating as much processed foods, foods with additives and chemicals, takeaway foods again! I have never felt so alive and free :) When you take the crap outta your body, you take the crap outta your life! hehe just made that one up, and that's what is so for me!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: I had sprouts again with green chilli!

Lunch: goji berries!

Dinner: Dinner at the Buddah cafe, the best place ever! Definately best cafe I have ever been to, it's chill, 3 stories made from bamboo, IN INDIA!, and they played Jack Johnson and John Legensd! Had rice with herbs and cashews and almonds. Not exactly sure what herbs but the rice was yellow. Where's my Indian guru when I need him? Oh he's in the hotel watching tv! hehe! Any ways the Indian's are freaking legends, simple foods taste so amazing, just add herbs! And a ginger and carrot juice. Carrots here are more red than our orange!

Rice and juice from the Buddha Cafe!

Dessert: A ginger and mint tea mmmm

Snacks: no snacks.

Cost: Dinner for me and Wikki and also a tea and ginger and a chai tea cost 185 rupees which is $4.40. Food is sooo cheap here! A 1.5 litre water cost 15 rupee which is 35 cents! Breakfast cost 20 rupee which is 47 cents! And you get massive serves too ;) tea costs 10 rupee which is 23 cents compared to the tea I buy in the cafe in Brisbane for $3.50!!!

Exercise: 2 hours of the best ever Indian yoga this morning! Stretching, bendy positions and lots of breathing! I felt stiff before, and after it felt connected and flexy ;) I think we worked on every muscle and every joint and opened up the chest and stomach through breathing! It was all in Hindi so not exactly sure what each pose was for!

320 days to go!!!

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