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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 52

Mums strawberry plant! Nothing beats a fresh fruit or vegetable straight off the earth and into the body!

Thoughts: There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. I believe it is a natural human being state. Be in your natural state. We are naturally healthy and slim. Listen to your body and when it wants to exercise then get up and do something about it, even if you just move. I have been putting on some music (loving Black Eyed Peas new album!) and dancing around to that! It wakes my body up and I feel alive and excited and energetic! I have also been listening to my body and what it wants to eat. Today my body was loving the advocado. Before the Earth Diet I would crave a lolly or some chocolate, and now I know that I was craving a substitute for real whole foods. Now instead of chocolate I eat my own chocolate balls made from Cocoa and almond meal (recipe in earlier blogs) and pineapple instead of sugar, or grapes, or an apple! I discovered so many healthy whole earthy alternatives!

Most people think that losing weight requires you to change only your eating and exercising habits. However, there is another extemely important third part to this process...self love. How do you see yourself and what is conversation you have with yourself when you look in the mirror. Use visualization and the law of attraction. I found this awesome article...

Challenges: none today.

Triumphs: it's great to be back in Australia eating fresh raw foods.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: some of mums strawberries from her strawberry plant! Nothing beats fresh of the plant fruit! With eggs fried in olive oil and rockmelon.

Lunch: a salad with lettuce spinach and advocado with fresh lemon juice.

Dinner: a salad with rocket, lettuce, spinach, advocado, Brocoli, olive oil and fresh lemon with chia seeds! And roast potatoes and carrot.

Dessert: no dessert.

Snacks: rockmelon and chocolate balls.

Exercise: walking in circles lost in Fremantle for 30 mins hahaaaa!

313 Days to go!!!

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