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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 53

Earth wine! Yep totally natural and organic!

Thoughts: Today was the first time I have had alcohol on the Earth Diet! And guess what...totally earthy alcohol! Yep! My father Bernard made it himself from his farm! He grows the grapes, organically, no pesticides or sprays, then picks the grapes. For red wine they pick the grapes in April and for white in February. Then him and my brothers and Helen put the grapes on the back of the ute on a tarp, and stomp on the grapes!!! Love it, a totally organic way of getting juice from the grapes instead of a machine! Once there is juice Bernard puts it in a drum for 21 days for fermentation. Then he puts his ear to the drum and when he hears no bubbling, the wine is ready! They then sifin the wine out of the barrel using a bucket and tube and their mouths leaving the muck at the bottom of the wine. And walahhh you have your very own organic home made wine! Earth wine. P.S pigeon poop is the best for the garden and plump grapes! MMMMM! See the Earth really does provide us with everything!

My families grape vines to make their own organic wine!

Challenges:Today we drove from Perth to Busselton and we stopped for lunch at a roadside diner. There was no food at all there that I could eat sticking to the Earth Diet, nothing born from the earth, not even a piece of fruit! My father and brother had a burger. Instant food. Bernard my father commented "Instant civilization, instant coffee, instant sex, instant emails".

Triumphs: Instant...yuk. Instant...unsatisfying.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Eggs fried in olive oil, strawberries from Mum's strawberry plant and rockmelon! Love a big break-fest!

Lunch: cashews and almonds and pitachios.

Dinner: Helen's veggie special! Helen is my fathers wife. After I told her about the Earth Diet she went to the fridge and thought in her words "Bugger, I have this woman who won't eat this and that". So she used what she had, zuchinni, garlic, tomatoes and beans and some herbs from her garden, marrame (similar to orgeno) and thyme and mint. It was absolutely amazing...reminded me of Routatoo...recipe below.

Dessert: no dessert.

Snacks: A red wine!

Recipe: Fry zuchinni and onion in olive oil. Then add vegetables and garlic, turn off the heat and put a lid on it to steam everything together. mmmm mmmm! Serve with a salad. We had green lettuce and spinach from Helen's garden, carrot, capsiucm and fresh basil. mmmm. You can get really creative with salads.

Exercise: Jumping on the trampoline in the morning, dancing to some Black Eyed Peas and bike riding to the Busselton beach to go for a swim :) I love creative exercising like this, it keeps it interesting. I prefer it to the gym.

Jumping with the gym ;)

312 Days To Go!

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