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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 59

Thoughts: To eat bacon or not to eat bacon?

Challenges: Mum and Nadine were eating bacon this morning for breakfast. It smelt so good and I wanted to eat it. And yes pigs are a natural food source born from the earth, however the bacon and ham you buy from the supermarket is heavly processed. Eating meats such as bacon, sausages and luncheon meats, increases the risk of developing a lung condition called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). One bacon strip contains about 40 calories, 3.5g of fat, 1.7g of saturated fat, 7.5mg of cholesterol, 120mg of sodium, and 2.5g of protein. The meat is cured (aged) and smoked before you buy it.

Pigs are fed meat, they eat everything and anything. Eating a vegetarian animal is better than eating a meat eating animal. The thing you have to watch out for when it comes to bacon is the nitrates (also called nitrites like sodium nitrite). It's a preservative used in processed food to help maintain its colour. Nitrates can be found in bacon, hot dogs, sausages, and cold cuts. The reason they are so bad for us is that when we cook them at high temps, they form Nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. In the news, nitrite-based preservatives were found to be linked to pancreatic cancer ( If you don't want to give up eating pig/ham/bacon, look for nitrite-free bacon and other processed meats at your local health food or grocery store. Also avoid ordering it when you go out, since there's no way to know if it's free of nitrites or not. I would love to find an organic farmer and eat organic pig. I know there are a lot out there.

Triumphs: Not eating the bacon.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Cherries and grapes, 3 egg whites, olive oil cooked on the BBQ!

Lunch: Chocolate balls. Beetroot, carrot, Ginger, pineapple, celery juice.

Dinner: Salad with advocado and lettuce. Free range eggs fried in olive oil.

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: 2 nectarines

Cost: juice $ for a shot of health hey!

Exercise: 20 dance off...with myself hahaaaa! walk beach in morning yoga breathing.

This is where I went for a beach walk...the earth is stunning isnt it?!

305 Days To Go!!!

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